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  • The Role Of Justice In Criminal Justice

    Introduction Justice means to do just, to do what is right. Egalitarians believe that justice can only exist within the coordinates of equality. Whether, in reality, this equality is given to all at every time so that justice could actually be done? Equality does not only mean equal representation of both victim and accused before court or equal opportunity of being heard. Equality, for justice, also means that both the victim as well as accused have a fair chance of representing their side of…

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  • Differences Of Rule Of Law Between Hong Kong And Mainland China

    1990s was the period when the current system was established. It was also a period when Chinese people had their legal education levels highly increased, which meant several times more cases in the courts. In order to make sure everybody could find justice mediation and arbitration commissions to courts have been created. Furthermore, there are local mediation committees that solve hundreds of thousands of problems each…

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  • Racism In Criminal Justice Essay

    Racism has had an important significance in court cases against Hispanics and African Americans. In United States there are more than 2.5 million inmates. According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Statistical Report of 2014, there are 150,361 inmates in the state. From this, 52,119 are Blacks, 49,800 Hispanics and 47,676 are Whites. In the criminal justice system, people of color and Latinos are imprisoned disproportionately due to racist laws; furthermore, they do not have access to…

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  • Van Gend En Loos1 Case

    started enforcement proceeding in front of local court to reclaim the total loan. Ms Jones objected…

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  • Why I Want To Study Criminal Law

    easement for my desire to know more about the different European judicial and economic systems. But this isn 't adequate for me. Reading about the European Union is substantial, but it is nothing in comparison of learning from it in person and practicing it in real situations. I had the privilege of exploring three different European countries this past summer, United Kingdom, Italy and Denmark. All three countries are within the European Union; however,…

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  • Essay On Justice For Genocide

    Is there truly justice for Genocide? Throughout the course of history, many brutal atrocities have been committed, on a genocidal scale. Some of these have resulted in court cases and punishments for the perpetrators, though many have not. Reparations, even enormous ones, do not repay the families of the murdered. This can be exemplified with the genocide of the Poles in the Katyn Woods, and the Armenian Genocide. One happened in the midst of World War II, and has been largely ignored by the…

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  • Essay On Canadian Shield

    Geography: Canada is the 2nd largest nation on Earth with a total land area of 9,984,670 sq km, and is the largest nation on the North American continent. Although Canada is the second largest country on Earth and the largest in North America, most of Canada 's land is part of a rather inhospitable land that is characterized by tundra and arctic features. Consequently, due to Canada 's very northern location, most of the Canadian population lives towards the United States border where the most…

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  • Essay On Judicial Review

    Finally, I will outline the principles & procedures of human rights law and argue that though Parliament has intended well with the incorporation of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) into domestic law , there are sizeable gaps that are yet to be determined and, as such, noticeable failings with regards to the accessibility of justice. Judicial review is a procedure by which an individual or interest group challenges the legality of a decision made by a public body. In other words,…

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  • Human Rights Definition

    traditional method which the United Kingdom embraced was the common law method. However, parliament passed legislation in form of the Human Rights Act 1998 which protects human rights. The Human Rights Act 1998 gives effect to the European Convention on Human Rights and all courts in the UK must interpret and give effect to the law in a manner which is as close to the Human Rights Act as possible; in cases involving both public authorities and individuals. Internationally, human rights are…

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  • Thomas Hobbes Life Without Government Essay

    Do you ever ruminate what your life would be like if there were no government? Thomas Hobbes is one of the most influential European political philosophers that illustrates this question. Western political philosophy has its ties to the common law of the United Kingdom, but few people have knowledge of the “founding father” of our modern political system. Born prematurely in the English county of Wiltshire, Hobbes was raised by his father’s older brother named Francis, who was a wealthy merchant…

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