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  • The Reasons For The Formation Of The European Union

    The European Union Introduction The European Union (EU) evolved from a regional economic agreement between six neighboring states, to today’s supranational organization of 28 nations across the European continent. These six states often accorded founding nation status include France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Germany, and Italy. The lasting peace that has in the past half a century prevailed in Europe can largely be attributed to the formation of the European Union. As a matter of fact,…

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  • Perverse Verdict Case Study

    leads to complications in the courts as well. The legal aspects of a case can sometimes be so complicated that even the lawyers find it hard to comprehend the exact details. This situation especially applies for fraud trials which are very long and complex. Therefore, a jury’s capacity to handle the density of such cases with little or no legal qualifications is very limited. This can be supported with the results of a two-year research conducted by the Ministry of Justice. One of the key…

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  • Constitutional And Administrative Law Case Study

    guide of European Convention on Human Rights(ECHR), Human Right Act by Access to Justice(A2J) advice service Introduction and history of European Convention on Human Rights - The European Convention on Human Rights ' (Short form: ECHR) full name is the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. - ECHR Signed in Rome in 4th November, 1950 under the auspices of the Council of Europe. Entered into force in 3rd September, 1953[ Aisha Gani,‘What is the European…

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  • Ireland Dualism Essay

    Ireland as a state is a member of many international organisations, including the United Nations and the Council of Europe. The state is also a party to many international treaties and conventions. However, even though these agreements have been signed and acknowledged, they have no legal force within the state. The reason for this is because Ireland takes a dualist approach to international law. Monism and dualism are theories describing the relationship between international law and domestic…

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  • Judicial Review In The UK And US Judiciary

    the Supreme Court under article 3 of the constitution. It is the ultimate authority in constitutional interpretation and its decisions can only be overturned by a constitutional amendment. In the UK, a supreme court was established in 2009 to provide greater clarity in the UK’s constitutional arrangements. In the UK, under the concept of Parliamentary Sovereignty, it is parliament which makes the laws but it is the courts who are tasked with interpreting them. Membership of the European Union…

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  • The Importance Of Criminal Activity Investigation

    The European Investigation Order into Criminal Matters Collecting evidence is at the core of any criminal proceeding. It enables policing authorities to identify potential offenders, helping to demonstrate a perpetrators guilt or innocence. National borders are not a consideration when criminal activity occurs. Criminal cross-border activity investigation requires cooperation between prosecutors, judges and the European Union across the borders. Transnational criminal activity is on the…

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  • Hungary Research Paper

    is Hungarian, which is the most widely spoken non-Indo-European language in Europe. In addition to Hungarian, many speak English, German, French or Russian. Hungary has a population of 9.8 million people and their largest city, which is also their capital, is Budapest. The country is also divided into 19 counties, 20 urban counties and Budapest has its own county status. Hungary is a far way less developed country than other western European countries, but they are still to be considered a…

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  • Sovereignty In The UK

    leaving the European Union. Triggering Article 50 without Parliament’s consent is considered…

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  • Cia's Argument Against The Fairness Of Drones In Pakistan

    How the information gathering works puts a shadow on it because when there are innocent civilians dead, including children, because of the information gathered, the CIA is doing it wrong. The Pakistan Court is one that ruled CIA drone strikes as an illegal war crime. Before the Peshawar High Court ruled the illegality of the CIA drone strikes , the United Nations fact found that such drone strikes are in the violation of…

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  • Summary Of Colonization By Europeans

    Colonization by Europeans is not a new story and is often told by the voice of the conqueror. Experiencing the direct effect it has on a certain group and how the influence of western culture can create complete turmoil in foreign lands from the victim 's perspective, exposes another side to this age old tale. The Igbo people of lower Niger experience direct contact with Europeans and their start of colonization: conversion to Christianity. This simple religious outreach deeply altered customary…

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