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  • Roper Vs Hammons Essay

    Supreme Court case, Roper v Simmons, the justices argued at what age does a person become culpable for their crimes and should receive adult punishments. The respondent, Christopher Simmons, was 17 years old when he and a friend broke into a woman’s home, robbed and tortured her, then killed her by throwing her off a bridge. After being convicted of the crime, Simmons was sentenced to the death penalty, which he eventually revoked. When the case made it to the Supreme Court in 2004, the court…

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  • African American Juvenile Crime Research Paper

    As we know, the relevant groups in the Unites States are Asians, African Americans, Latinos, and European Americans. I started to question why certain races have more criminal involvement and victimization. This research paper talks about how heavy African Americans and Latinos are involved in the criminal justice system. There’s theory that are based on racial differentials in the criminal justice system. Did you know that the first juvenile who was tried as an adult was black? and where did…

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  • Task 1: Judicial Precedent In Law

    decision stand '. Precedent in law is to follow a previous judgment or decision that has been made in court. This is recorded in a law report, and used as an authority for reaching the same decision in subsequent cases. This makes precedents binding, and therefore they must be followed through the court hierarchy, from the Supreme Court down to the Magistrates. Distinguishing a case means a court decides the holding or legal reasoning of a precedent case will not apply due to materially…

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  • Hong Kong Victims Rights Analysis

    broad and it is very hard to define whether the victims are in fear or not. Because it is really subjective to satisfy the victim is in fear, so maybe some victims that are really need these protection but cannot use it because of the decision of the court. Therefore, some victims cannot enjoy their victims’ rights. Moreover, the Victims Charter said that “The victim's right to information-reporting the crime”. In fact, there are some cases that the police are rejecting and ignoring the…

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  • Criminal Justice System

    I will be discussing Japan’s criminal justice system. I will be addressing the law enforcement, courts, and correction workings of their criminal justice system. I chose Japan because I believed that it would be interesting to learn more about how their criminal justice system works. It is important to look at other countries criminal justice systems so that we can compare them to our own to see if we need to make improvements or if we can help to improve others. Japan 's legal system is based…

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  • Judicial Precedentnt In The English Legal System

    the English legal system, means a fundamental legal principle or decision made in a higher or lower court in hierarchy, the decisions made may usually influence the future occurrences by either becoming binding or persuasive precedents. The doctrine is highly influenced by three Latin legal terminologies which are; obiter Dicta, ratio decided and stare decisis. In the persuasive precedent where court is not obliged to adhere to was decided but may refer to it to make a better decision for…

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  • Witchcraft In England: The 1604 Law By James I

    Since witchcraft was a felony offence, that made the crime into a secular matter for the courts of common law to deal with. English courts had a system that, compared to most European countries at the time, probably allowed a higher rate of survival for the crime of witchcraft. Witches were allegedly tried the same as common criminals, and given the full benefit of trial by peers. The English court system is also highly dependent on evidence and witnesses, when determining the outcome of…

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  • Arguments Against Constitutional Law

    government, courts and devolved legislatures and executives. The United Kingdom(UK) constitution consists of a plethora of sources. There are divided into legal, international legal and non legal. For instance, legislations, case law, royal prerogative, European Union(EU) law, constitutional conventions and academic writings. Firstly, legislation as in Thoburn v Sunderland City Council [2002] EWHC 195(Admin) also known as ‘Metric Martyrs’ case whereby it was held whether the European…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Legal Aid Cuts

    legal resources at public and tax payers expense. Nevertheless, Legal aid cuts have resulted in inequalities within the justice system, which have ultimately failed the most vulnerable in society due to lack of legal resources to advice and support.…

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  • The Importance Of Direct Effect In European Union Law

    discussing their relationship. Direct effect is the principle that Union law may, if appropriately framed, confer rights on individuals which the courts of member states of the European Union are bound to recognise and enforce. While the supremacy is an European Union law principle of when there is conflict between European law and domestic law of member states, European law prevails; the norms of national law have to be set aside. The supremacy of EU law arose after conflicts on national law…

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