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  • Pompeii Culture Essay

    previous eruptions. With so many eruptions, Vesuvius was bound to be categorized as a complex volcano, which means it has 2 or more vents. The reason why Vesuvius erupted on Pompeii, and still active, is because the African Plate is subducting under the Eurasian Plate. This causes buildup and pressure under the Volcano and the only way for the pressure to escape is through the vents, resulting in an eruption. According to Pliny the Younger’s writings we know a lot about what happened to Pompeii…

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  • How Did The Mongols Affect Russia

    In the 13th century, by invading their territories, the Mongols caused significant political and economic impacts on China and Russia. The Chinese and Russians were agricultural peoples that didn’t move much, but the Mongols were nomadic and pastoral people. The Mongols had a lot more control in China than in Russia due to the fact that Russians were given more freedom, while the mongols intervened a lot more in terms of politics. The mongols had the same economic impacts on Russia and China.…

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  • Neanderthal Research Paper

    20 Percent of Neanderthal Genome Lives on in Modern Humans, Scientists Find." National Geographic(2014). National Geographic. Web. 15 Nov. 2014. <>. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "Did Neanderthals eat their vegetables? First direct evidence of plants in Neanderthal diet." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 25 June 2014.…

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  • What Is The Moral Of The Book 1984 By George Orwell

    George Orwell was born in India because his father was a civil servant. A year after his birth George’s mom had decided to take the children back to England while his father worked in India. George did not see much of his father when he was a kid. He was a feeble child when growing up, constantly dealing with bronchitis and the flu. George was an avid writer, writing his first poem at only the age of four. When he wrote the book, he was envisioning an extremely oppressive future where your whole…

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  • The Rise Of Khrushchev

    The Soviet Union was one of the most powerful communist countries in the world due to its invincible army. During the Stalin’s era, Moscow was the center of an international communist movement. Most of the communist nations during the Cold War were the Soviet satellite states such as Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Bulgaria, along with China. From the Soviet’s perspective, the foreign communist parties could be used in diplomatic games with the Western powers and as necessary parts of the…

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  • Marine Biology: What Is A Marine Biologist?

    What is a Marine Biologist? According to Merriam Webster “marine” means of or relating to the sea or the plants and animals that live in the sea. A biologist is a scientist that studies things that are biotic, therefore, making the word “Marine Biologist” mean the study of ocean life. Approximately 70% of the earth is covered by water, while the rest is land. A marine biologist has a significant profession by studying the life in the ocean and all of its secrets. The secrets in the ocean could…

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  • Mercury Planet Research Paper

    Mercury is a rocky planet and is the closest celestial body to the sun in our solar system. The planet is covered in many craters, boulders and pulverized dust. The planet lacks an atmosphere to help dictate temperature changes throughout a day, so the planet can experience many temperature swings multiple times per day. After a number of observations, it has been inferred that the planet has been geologically inactive for billions of years. There are no signs of dust storms, clouds, rivers…

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  • Burakumin Sociology

    were Cuban. He moved to Virginia soon after schools were desegregated, and the white students were resentful of the minority students who had no options for playmates but each other (Arango). Sui Sin Far in “Leaves from the Mental Portfolio of an Eurasian” found herself in a similar situation as a child, when a passerby recommends that Sui’s friend not speak to her because she is mixed race. A similar situation with reversed roles occurs when Sui is an adult and an acquaintance tells her she…

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  • The Importance Of Culture In Guns, Germs, And Steel

    such as weapons and transportation by domestic animals for example horses, are ways that society and people expanded and conquered each other. Sickness that started from germs was also a way expansion was developed. On the contrary, Diamond states, “Eurasian germs played a key role in decimating native peoples in many other parts of the world” (Diamond, 213). These parts are Pacific Island, aboriginal Australians, and the Khoisan. These epidemic diseases played a role in European colonization,…

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  • Peppered Moth In London

    place, then the beaver population would have continued to thrive (thankfully returning with the return of the wolves (see ). If we didn 't put a non-native organism such as the Eurasian boar into New York, the resulting habitat destruction would not have happened ( So we need to think carefully about our actions on the environment, before we make them. Do we really need to use that…

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