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  • Spanish Influence On Indo European Culture

    Spanish has developed greatly over several centuries. Many immigrants, colonies, explorers or added words to the language have influenced the language itself. Spanish is the language that 332 million people call their own. The history of Spanish can go back at least back to the Indo-Europeans. Research by Historical Linguistics shows how the Indo-Europeans were connected with the Spanish language. To begin with, William Jones, a British judge who lived in India was the first person to suggest…

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  • Difference Between Language And Sociolinguistics

    Singapore is a country filled with many races such as Malay, Chinese, Indian and Eurasian who speak different languages. The languages include English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil. These are considered to be languages because when one person speaks Malay with a Chinese person, they might not be able to converse. This creates a barrier when…

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  • 1984 Present Day Essay

    Since ancient times humanity has utilized the act of surveillance to either to protect itself or provide strategic advantages in war. Throughout time this tactic has served well in warfare but it has been shown more in George Orwell novel 1984. He portrays the extremist point of view that would have affected the present day, which it does. While he exaggerates the fact of technology taking advantage of the ability to record and monitor its user, his predictions still hold some truth during…

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  • How Did The Silk Roads Influence Chinese Civilization

    India, Middle East and allowed Confucianism and Buddhism exchange throughout Eurasia, while the values Confucianism and Buddhism increased in India and China. (Strayer, 321). Buddhist merchants and Brahmin Monks expanded their religions to Afro-Eurasian trade routes. (Strayer, 322). Unlike the Silk Road, the Sea Roads used trading routes near the Indian Ocean. The Sea Roads connected people with goods porcelain, cotton goods and pepper. However, ships sent to Asia, China, India, and Africa…

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  • Negative Effects Of Neolithic Farming

    of food, even animals, for manufactured goods and rare commodities. A prevalent disease shared between animals and humans is influenza which spreads quickly and can survive multiple environmental types. During the European conquest, pigs carrying Eurasian diseases made first contact with the people of the Americas. A highly devastating reaction was experienced by the people…

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  • Importance Of Taboos In Maacca Culture

    follows the European, Western, Christian tracks. Still, due to the Portuguese localization in a primarily Asian, Malay and Eastern area, the community do follow certain conservative practices, influenced by both the Heritage of European(Portuguese/Eurasian) and Asian(Malay, Chinese and Indian)  As for taboos it could only be a few and it relates to the religious-socio-cultural dynamics of our Community. Most of the taboos associated with the religion mainly Christianity, though there are…

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  • The Revenge Of Geography Analysis

    In Kaplan’s The Revenge of Geography, one sees that geography greatly affects many aspects of a civilization. He claims that geography is “the most fundamental factor in the foreign policy of states” because it remains constant while the leadership, ideals, and theological beliefs change (Kaplan 29). He goes on to explain that the economy, trade, and military are based primarily on one’s location. Kaplan quotes Napoleon Bonaparte, a French military and political leader, when he says, “to know a…

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  • Political Effects Of The Mongol Empire

    exchange of merchandises, individuals, knowledge, and information throughout Mongol territories. While most of these interactions had positive outcomes, some lead to incidents like the Black Death. However, the Mongols had a lasting effect on the Afro-Eurasian societies and determined how the next imperial dynasties would be…

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  • Chinese Cinderella Literary Analysis

    Her Father remarries a Eurasian woman who treats her father’s children bias to her own. Adeline is treated very badly at home by her siblings and by her parents. "She slapped me with the back of her hand against my other cheek. “Show-off! I’ll teach you to be so sneaky!” she screamed…

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  • Mercury's Surface Geology

    Mercury 's Surface Geology: according to the information gathered by the probes sent to Mercury, this planet has a surface that resembles in some manner the surface of our Moon, with craters and maria as its most prominent features. Furthermore, there are other structures that, albeit not as common as impact craters, make up the surface of Mercury, such as vents - that are thought to be the source for magma-carved valleys on Mercury - and irregular depressions named "hollows", probably generated…

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