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  • Genghis Khan Argument Essay

    Anybody would want to be called supreme oceanic ruler, right? “under the reign of Genghis Khan, all the country between Iran and the land of the Turks enjoyed such peace” I made myself and the Mongol Empire great and famous. We were unstoppable, unbeatable, and unimaginable. To stand in front of a mongol soldier would be to stand in the presence of a god.Whenever you hear the words Genghis Khan, or the Mongols, you think power, courage, and devotion. I made the Mongols great. And according to…

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  • Why Do Earthquakes Occur?

    One of the subfields of seismology is to study how and why earthquakes occur. Predicting and projecting when, how, and why earthquakes occur can save millions of lives, while also saving billions in public taxpayer funds to rebuild after the damage. There are several types of gravitational forces that occur within the earth and cause earthquakes, such as plate tectonics and seafloor spreading. Understanding these actions can allow us to have better understanding of the causation of earthquakes.…

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  • Racial Injustice Examples

    ago and still happens today. Asian racial injustice is shown in 1882 with the Chinese Exclusion Act, which did not allow the Chinese to travel to the United States. Racial injustice is presented in the story Leaves front the mental portfolio of an Eurasian when a Chinese family moved to a community of Whites. The Whites are judgmental about this because the Chinese are a different race. You can tell in the story they treat the Chinese characters differently because school is different for them,…

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  • Ivan The Great: The Rise Of The Russian Empire

    RUSSIAN EMPIRE Background The rise of the Russian Empire is traced way back in the 1490s during the reign of “Ivan the greatest”. His leadership unified the Russian people and made them be powerful force in battlefields. Defeating the Mongol army in 1480 was a vital step towards expansion of this great empire . Basing on historical facts, Russia became a superpower nation even before the 19th century due to the kind of leaders they had. Ivan 1V is a legendary name in the minds of all Russians…

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  • Singaporean Culture Analysis

    namely Chinese, Malay, Indian and Others (Eurasian) coming together as one united Singapore. In an effort to demonstrate the distinctiveness of each of the four cultures which coexist harmoniously in Singapore, we have inevitable heightened the differences among the four races through national television (Benjamin, 1976). For example, attention will be brought to the different physical attributes that characterised Singaporean Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian. It is also not uncommon to…

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  • Geography Of Nepal Essay

    Location of Nepal Nepal is roughly has a rectangular in shape. It runs in direction of northwest-southeast, expanding about 850km from west to east, and 200 km from north to south. There are eight of world’s ten highest mountains, including Mount Everest, which is known as the highest one in the world located at the foot of the Himalayas, Nepal. Map of Nepal and Neighbouring Countries Having a border line of 2400 km, Nepal is fenced by China to the north and India to the east, west and south…

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  • Jared Diamond's Theory Of Guns, Germs And Steel

    to what magnitude should source two of Jared diamond's theory of guns, germs, and steel be embraced. The second source is for Jared Diamond’s theory about guns, germs and steel. Source two acknowledges historical advantage of the development of Eurasian agriculture, which is the domestication of animals and crops. Source two is also against the idea of European domination is based on racial, intellectual, and genetic superiority, but mostly focuses on the idea that the main reason that the…

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  • Genghis Khan's Influence On Mongolia

    This individual rose from turmoil and united different clans for a common purpose. Seen as a barbarian, but is a peace maker in the oddest of ways. Genghis Khan, the leader of the Mongols is famous for pillaging, destroying, and raping of towns who do not bow to his people. Genghis Khan may be known for his terror, but it is under his leadership that the world in the fourteenth century drastically changes. Under him a period of Pax Mongolia arose, there is a revival in land route trading, and…

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  • Military Decline Of East Asia Essay

    Explain the apparent military decline of East Asia after 1700 East Asia had been regarded as one of the most military advanced region of the globe since the early firearms were invented by the Chinese before the Europeans perfected them. Indeed, the earliest known formula for gunpowder is found in a Chinese work dating from the 800s. This allowed the Chinese to apply it to warfare through producing a variety of gunpowder weapons among them rockets, bombs, mines, and rockets before inventing the…

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  • Compare And Contrast Macbeth To The Play

    I will be discussing the differences that the director made in his version of Macbeth. How those changes worked or didn’t work. I will also be discussing what themes I would bring out to the audience today if I were to direct the play. Geoffrey Wright’s Macbeth is different than Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Wright turned it around and made Macbeth a Rockstar in the Mob. Duncan was the Mob leader. It takes place in modern day Melbourne, Australia. Wright used actor and actresses that weren’t really…

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