What Causes Miami Earthquake

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An earthquake is caused by tectonic plates that moves few centimeters per year. The tectonic plates can be oceanic or continental they move mainly because of the gravity but also because the mantle a mixture of rock and melted rock so it move but not as fast as it would move in a liquid. The Sea plates are heavier than the Land plates which is the case of Japan. The tsunami is an earthquake under water but because of the pressure the water will move really fast and it the wave will increasingly become higher as the sea floor's depth decrease. A tsunami wave is extremely powerful and nothing can stop it.A tsunami is more There is not only one wave in a tsunami but a series of big wave ant the first one is never the highest or the strongest. It goes really fast and most of the tsunami occurred in the fire-ring in the pacific ocean. …show more content…
It was magnitude 8.9. Tokyo is on the eastern edge of the Eurasian. Honshu Island which is at the intersection of 3 tectonics plates '' Eurasian plate, Pacific and Philippine sea plates''. Pacific plate is going under the Eurasian plate because the ocean plate is heavier than the land plate. The pressure that the Pacific plate and the Eurasian Plate are producing is really strong and often. The Magnitude is the severity of the earthquake. 8.0-9.0 and greater is called a GREAT earthquake. The quake occurred depth of 15 miles so a lot of the energy of the Tsunami was released at the

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