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  • Hydroponics In Europa

    Europa, a world that could be teaming with life. A liquid ocean underneath the icy crust. It is a hostile world above the surface. It is constantly bombarded by harmful radiation from its planet, Jupiter, because of its lack of an atmosphere. Its extreme temperature can make it even harder to colonize the surface. The temperatures can freeze liquid water in a matter of seconds. Low gravity can let astronauts reach escape velocity, which can cause them to go into space. So why haven’t we decided to travel to Europa until now? With freezing temperatures ranging around 102 Kelvin, it’s no wonder Europa is covered in ice. To avoid the frigid temperatures, the space station will be heated up by hydronics. Hydronics is the use of water through…

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  • Europa, Europa Movie Analysis

    The movie Europa, Europa is a 1990 film based on the 1989 autobiography of Solomon Perel. After reading the book, Europa Europa by Solomon Perel in tandem with watching the film I found that there are some factual misrepresentations between the book and the movie. Nonetheless, the movie is well made and adheres the majority of the facts presented in the autobiography. Solomon Perel was a German Jewish boy who escaped the holocaust by faking his identity as an elite Aryan German, which led to…

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  • Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence By Seth Shostak

    In late August, the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute revealed that they had detected a strange signal that was 94 light years away from Earth. During the time of the signal’s discovery, senior astronomer for SETI, Seth Shostak, could only describe the signal as “interesting”. However, he rhetorically asks, “Could it be another society sending a signal our way?” Shostak, like many other scientists who had heard about the mysterious SETI signal, had hoped for signs of…

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  • Xenophobia And Extraterrestrial Life

    In late August, SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Life Institute) revealed news of a peculiar signal found 94 light years away from Earth. SETI had hoped that this would be a crucial piece of evidence that revealed the presence of extraterrestrial life. However, only a few weeks after the initial announcement, the signal was debunked to be no more than an interference from a military satellite. While many scientists were disappointed by the news, it perhaps was the most favorable outcome of the…

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  • Leda And The Swan Poem Analysis

    Yeats’s poem ‘’Leda and the Swan’’ and Dorothy Hewitt’s ‘’Grave Fairytale’’ have content that is both mythological and violently sexual. In Yeats’ poem the speaker retells a story from Greek mythology. It is that of the rape of Leda by Zeus. In Hewitt’s poem, the speaker creates a new version of Rapunzel’s fairytale. This essay will discuss the relationship between mythology/ folklore, violence and sex through the analysis of both poems. In Yeats’ poem, the speaker resents the rape scene,…

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  • The Rape Of Europa Analysis

    Would You Die To Save Art? When asked this question prior to fully watching The Rape of Europa, I would have said no. Every human life is unique and irreplaceable. However, I have never experienced war or a holocaust. I have never been in a place where death and destruction is part of everyday life. I have never had a powerful leader try to destroy not only me and my people, but also absolutely anything that had to with us. The Rape of Europa showed me that there can be situations in which…

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  • Analysis Of The Film: The Rape Of Europa

    The film presented to the students in the classroom was thought to be the standard documentary. It was not until the film continued to play when the history I thought I knew so much about became more complicated. The film was titled, “The Rape of Europa”, and (which) that was the appropriate title knowing the events that occurred. “The Rape of Europa” what quite lengthy and contained a lot of detailed information; for this reason, there was more than one person who had directed the film. Bonni…

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  • Film Analysis: The Rape Of Europa

    Choosing a movie to watch was difficult, many of the films on the list sounded intriguing, but I finally settled on The Rape of Europa. I never knew art was such an important part of the Second World War, and I was interested in learning the role art played in World War II. The Rape of Europa explores the systematic purging of art different art that was deemed unworthy or degenerate by the Hitler and the German officials, and also the looting of art the Germans deemed worthy from the countries…

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  • Analysis Of Titian's Rape Of Europa

    The technique he used constant layering to the pigments to make the color solid and bright. The story behind the painting is Europa being dragged to the sea by Zeus disguised as a white bull. Unlike The Sacrifice of Abraham, the oil on canvas painting appears to have softer textures and background. Yet, still maintain colors to provide illusion to movements. Using complementary colors to trick the viewers into seeing a third color. Darker tones are concentrated on the right side of the in the…

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  • Fiftieth Gate Jadelphia Analysis

    The Fiftieth Gate and Europa Europa There cannot be an absolute truth in the understanding of the event of the Holocaust as both history and memory are merely partial representations of the event. In the bricolage, Fiftieth Gate by Mark Baker and the film Europa Europa (1990) directed by Agnieszka Holland based on the autobiography of Solomon Perel, the representation of history and memory seeks not to find an absolute truth but to provide a deeper understanding of the past through the…

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