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  • Analyzing The 2009 Earthquake At L Aquila

    Many of those who live in central Italy near L’Aquila were greatly impacted by the 6.3 magnitude earthquake that shook the entire town and surrounding areas in 2009. After this, many of the residents in these areas took comfort in the idea that it happened once, and it wouldn 't happen again. But when houses began to shake at 3:36 A.M. on August 24th, 2016 disaster struck once again. Though this earthquake was not as large as the previous one, the magnitude 6.2 was followed by almost 200…

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  • Negative Effects Of Neolithic Farming

    of food, even animals, for manufactured goods and rare commodities. A prevalent disease shared between animals and humans is influenza which spreads quickly and can survive multiple environmental types. During the European conquest, pigs carrying Eurasian diseases made first contact with the people of the Americas. A highly devastating reaction was experienced by the people…

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  • Importance Of Taboos In Maacca Culture

    follows the European, Western, Christian tracks. Still, due to the Portuguese localization in a primarily Asian, Malay and Eastern area, the community do follow certain conservative practices, influenced by both the Heritage of European(Portuguese/Eurasian) and Asian(Malay, Chinese and Indian)  As for taboos it could only be a few and it relates to the religious-socio-cultural dynamics of our Community. Most of the taboos associated with the religion mainly Christianity, though there are…

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  • The Revenge Of Geography Analysis

    In Kaplan’s The Revenge of Geography, one sees that geography greatly affects many aspects of a civilization. He claims that geography is “the most fundamental factor in the foreign policy of states” because it remains constant while the leadership, ideals, and theological beliefs change (Kaplan 29). He goes on to explain that the economy, trade, and military are based primarily on one’s location. Kaplan quotes Napoleon Bonaparte, a French military and political leader, when he says, “to know a…

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  • Expansion In Big History

    Big History has produced many themes within in context, with the most prominent being complexity. However, expansion can also be seen as the most important theme that traverses through the Big History story. Expansion can be seen in at the very beginning with the Big Bang, through the increasing expanding universe that we live in today, it can also be seen in the creation and development of our stars and planets. Furthermore, expansion allows for the many diverse and different organism alive on…

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  • Mongol Crash Course Essay

    What advantages did the Mongols have in warfare against Europeans? ­ They were able to adapt. 11. What does John Green list as five primary arguments for Mongol “awesomeness?” What? Why?/Result? 1. They did reinvigorate cross Eurasian trade. They were able to tax trading through their empire. 2. They increased communication through Eurasia. People were able to communicate throughout Asia. 3. Another thing that traveled along Mongol trade routes was…

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  • Analysis Of Amitav Ghosh's The Great Derangement

    In The Great Derangement, Amitav Ghosh begins by discussing that he intends this novel to be innovative in its environmental story telling. Instead of telling a fictional story with crazy superstorms, Ghosh wants to write about crazy superstorms that have actually occurring, killing scores of humans and impacting billions of dollars of damage. Ghosh wants to bring to light the great plight of peoples around the world from the effects of extreme natural disasters, rather than use the various…

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  • Mount Vesuvius Impact On Society Essay

    Earthquakes and Society While researching volcanic eruptions that had a major impact on humans, there are many different sizes and outcomes across the earth. One volcano that had one of the greatest impacts to not only the people but, the surrounding town and environment is Mount Vesuvius. Mount Vesuvius can be found on the western coast of Italy and is one of the only active volcanoes in that region. The fact that the major city Naples and other surrounding cities are within close…

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  • Domesticated Pigs Research Paper

    snouts”(Bradford). The domestic pig is also known as the Sus Scrofa Domesticus or Sus Domesticus. Their kingdom is Animalia; class is Mammalia; order is Artiodactyla. Pigs are called commonly called swine or hogs. “The domestic pig originated from the Eurasian wild boar”(Giuffra). “Pigs are in the Suide family, including eight genera and 16 different species”(Bradford). Mitochondrial DNA was tested to come up with the origin to be made. Domestication of the pigs are thought to have happened…

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  • The Outsider Archetype In George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four

    The Outsider Archetype in Nineteen Eighty-four In every society, there are always those rare intellectuals who don’t quite fit in with the crowd. These are the kinds of people who tend to watch from a distance and question what is going on around them. The outsider archetype in George Orwell’s dystopian novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, is Winston Smith. Firstly, Winston uses his knowledge against the party instead of for it. Secondly, he is the only person that still holds an appreciation for…

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