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  • The Status-Caste Exchange Theory

    The status-caste exchange theory is to marry in terms of desirable traits; a desirable man marries a desirable woman based what she can provide in return (Hou & Myles, 2013). In regards to interracial marriage, the status-caste exchange theory assumes that the skin colour or ethnic origin as the desirable trait. Lighter skin colours are more desirable compared to darker skin colours, so the value of a partner is based on their skin colour or ethnic origin. If their socio-economic statuses were equal in stature, it would not matter; they would not be seen as equals because the value of their partner is based on their skin colour or ethnic origin according to the status-caste exchange theory. This is according to research done by … (Hou & Myles, 2013). A major event in history, the perception of interracial relationships, the Loving vs. Virginia U.S. Supreme Court Case in 1967; this where they made the decision to get rid of laws against interracial marriage (Herman & Campbell, 2012). – incomplete sentence This was the first step for interracial unions, but the older generations grew up with the belief that interracial relationships were to be criticized; it was the norm of the time because of the white-black divisions in the 1940s, which grew from slavery. So, even after the laws were abolished in 1967, a stigma remained against people of different cultures and colors having relationships, especially romantic relationships (Hou & Myles, 2013; Field, Kimuna & Straus, 2013).…

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  • Race And Eurasian Essay

    In this study, Eurasian is a racial concept. It is a North American term describing a lack of genealogical consistency, like the terms mulatto, mestizo, hapa and half-breed. The twentieth-century conception of race in the United States is rooted in the powerful, although scientifically insupportable rule of hypodescent. This famous one-drop rule defining any individual with any amount of “black blood” as black logically prevents the concept of mixed race identity. People are white according to…

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  • Eurasian Otters Essay

    Similar to other captive carnivorous mammals, the Eurasian otter’s optimal nutritional requirements have not been studied to a great extent. Usually in captivity, most of the diet that is used was created for the nutritional needs of other otters, like Asian small-clawed otters and North American River otters. These diets have been derived from the domestic cat, farm mink, and fox because the study of nutrition for captive carnivorous species is fairly rare. Eurasian otters suffer from…

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  • Summary Of Guns Germs And Steel

    Eurasia has a horizontal axis, its land spread across similar latitudes. This made food production easier because the climates and seasons were similar. In conjunction with its geography, the Eurasian continent had the easiest time sharing and gathering techniques. Food production first formed in societies with access to clean, fresh water, river systems. Continents like Australia, first set back by geographical isolation, lacked these river systems and was therefore late to the game on food…

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  • My Passion To Study International Law

    for a master`s degree in Canada, Montreal. Not only my extensive background and work experience in Government, but also the history of my home country with current political and financial situation in the period of the integration with the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia have greatly contributed to why I want to further explore the topics of the international law and international business dilemmas. The knowledge I will gain as a result of completing the PhD program at the your…

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  • What Causes Miami Earthquake

    It was magnitude 8.9. Tokyo is on the eastern edge of the Eurasian. Honshu Island which is at the intersection of 3 tectonics plates '' Eurasian plate, Pacific and Philippine sea plates''. Pacific plate is going under the Eurasian plate because the ocean plate is heavier than the land plate. The pressure that the Pacific plate and the Eurasian Plate are producing is really strong and often. The Magnitude is the severity of the earthquake. 8.0-9.0 and greater is called a GREAT earthquake. The…

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  • Buddhism And The Eightfold Path

    Buddhism, rooted in the 6th century BCE, originated from Siddhartha Gautama, a sage from Nepal. Known as “Buddha,” Gautama experienced a revelation one night, attaining a complete state of awakening, clairvoyant power, and the knowledge that his spiritual defilements had been eliminated. His teachings of enlightenment, karma, the Four Noble Truths, and the Eightfold Path spread quickly, covering much of southern Asia by the 8th century CE. Buddhism’s gain of followers can be attributed to the…

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  • Slavery In Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs And Steel

    Jared Diamond’s popular book , Guns, Germs and Steel, argues that Eurasians were blessed with superior environmental conditions. Eurasians were able to utilize this advantage to dominate and colonize other parts of the world. According to Diamond, this environmental theory explains the inequality that has occurred in our world in the past 500 years and is the main reason that our world is the way it is today. Although Diamond’s argument looks to be valid on the surface, when examined, it turns…

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  • Patriarchy In Classical Eurasia

    Classic Eurasia: a time saturated with cultural growth and development of societies. During this era Empires rose and fell, various religions were created, and mankind was morally tested time and time again. In some societies, the equality of men arose from these challenges. In other civilizations however, people were dragged into the toxic cycle of sharply stratified class systems. But, a common presence amongst all of the societies of this time was the patriarchy. Under patriarchal rules,…

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  • Who Were The Anasazi People?

    immigrants and non-whites. However, the Anasazi seem to have a different story. No one is sure of who these peoples really were and why they left Colorado. Historians have unveiled many facts but the truth is still a blur. The Anasazi people are known to be possible farmers, hunters, and nomads, but where they disappeared to is still a mystery. Background In 2013 it was discovered that Native Americans are of the Eurasian race. “DNA,” from a three-year old boy from the Mal’ta site, “revealed…

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