English Renaissance theatre

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  • Essay On Stand Up Comedy

    Stand-up comedy is a form of comedy that, for the most part, is conveyed by a performance entertainer talking straightforwardly to the crowd in an unconstrained way. In stand-up comedy, the feedback of the audience is immediate and essential for the comedian’s performance. The gathering expects an exceptional act and a constant flow of snickers, and the entertainer is constantly under pressure to perform. Stand-up, in the structure it is known today, is an emphatically American creation, with…

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  • Theatre Practicum

    As a musical theatre major going into my second year of college. I have only really ever been the performer in productions. I’ve never been to knowledgeable about the aspects of theatre behind the spotlight. But since pursuing theatre in higher education, I am aware of how limited I made myself in my lack of interest of anything not involving performance. Since being at Ouachita, I can say my eagerness to understand every position in theatre is constantly increasing. And not to just be apart of…

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  • DV8: Impulse Dance Theater Analysis

    “Physical theatre requires no specific dance style from its performers – it is the freedom to express emotion in performance whilst integrating various acting and dance techniques.”(Quench, 2013) Physical theatre could be described as a freedom of expression that has less rules and restrictions than Dance. DV8 is a widely known physical theatre company that was founded by Lloyd Newson in 1986. Newson lived in Australia where he attended Melbourne University. Whilst there he studied psychology…

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  • Does Hamlet Love Ophelia Essay

    Hamlet: the intimate and violent lover The beauty of live performance lies in the vast potential interpretations of the same event. The scene between Hamlet and Ophelia is quite complex and up for interpretation. There is a lack of emotion and intimacy between Ophelia and Hamlet. This can especially be noted in the scene in which Ophelia is used as a decoy to set Hamlet up. In the Shakespearean version, Hamlet and Ophelia appear quite distant. There is little to no physical contact. However, in…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Passion For Theater

    I am extremely passionate about theatre. I first auditioned for the fall play of my freshman year, and though I did theatre in middle school, I was very ill formed. Consequentially, I only made hair and makeup crew for that production. However, by the winter One Act, my audition was immensely improved. In that play, The Romancers, I was cast as the lead female. At first, I was weary of how many lines I had a bit nervous about meeting the rest of the cast; all of my worries quickly went away. In…

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  • How Did Theater Influence Elizabethan Theatre

    would reside. There were also many houses in the rural country of England. The Queen herself would take trips through the countryside looking for big, beautifully made houses. Once she found one she liked then her, along with the five hundred people she came with, would go to the house. The owner was required to host a party for the travelers. To host one of these parties was very expensive, but considered a great honor. There are two things that have played a major role in shaping the world we…

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  • Noh Theatre History

    the field of performing arts in this context. The word Noh may be used alone or with gaku (fun, music) to form the word nōgaku. Noh is a classical tradition that is highly valued by many today. When used alone, Noh refers to the historical genre of theatre originated from sarugaku in the mid 14th century and continues to be performed today.[4] Noh and kyōgen "originated in the 8th century when the sangaku was transmitted from China to Japan. At the time, the term sangaku referred to various…

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  • Steel Band Concert Report

    On Monday, November 13th, 2017 I attended the Steel Band concert in the Fine Arts Recital Hall directed by Dr. Scott Harris. I formally had never attended a concert of this kind. When I thought of a steel band before I would think of just tubas and trumpets, I never thought it would be a band of Caribbean type steel drums. From the very beginning I was greeted with many interesting details which presently surprised me. Overall Western Kentucky University’s Steel Band concert was a very…

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  • Tartuffe French Play Analysis

    Tartuffe French play that was originally directed by Moliere, done in the 17th century. Also was launched at pierce college cast pierce college student, and directed by my Professor Shaheen Vaaz. Within the play there have been many components that raised my awareness and created a position of questioning due to the usage of different elements, also the presence of improvisation that enhanced the play and created a sense of comedy related to the idea of the play, however; even though there were…

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  • Collaborative Group Reflective Report

    Before the collaborative group was established, I did a mini self-reflection where I focused on what skills would be good to make the project the best it can be. Skills that I deemed important included dedication to academics, passionate about theater, information on both the technical and performing side of the stage, creative thinking, and respective of other people’s ideas. Having a dedication to academics and passionate about theater will ensure that the members of the group would be…

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