Movement And Improvisation Research Paper

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According to Martha Graham, “The body is your instrument in dance, but your art is outside that creature, the body." For dancers, our body is the main instrument that conveys our unspoken words. Movement and Improvisation class is a creative platform that allows us to tap into our creativity and explore a large range of movements outside of our usual technique classes. It allows us to develop our ideas and thoughts and move in a way that expresses them. Despite being allowed this space of freedom in our dancing, it also requires thought and discipline to be able to execute movements and therefore we were taught different technique skills in our classes to further expand our vocabulary and options in our dancing.
Firstly, we learnt about our
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Improvisation requires you to make spontaneous decisions and perform them with clarity. Not only that, you have to be confident about what you are doing. The slightest hesitation might make you look like you are unsure of what you are doing and give an image that you are unprepared. Confidence and the ability to take risks is what make you a good improviser. Movement and improvisation classes have given me the opportunity to perform in front of an audience and thus it has helped me to develop confidence and performance skills. To perform well is to have a clear intention in our movements, and also to focus if it is a group performance. Movement and improvisation has not only taught me to be aware about my body, but about others as well and thus cooperation is crucial. We have to be prepared both mentally and physically, as improvisation requires deep consideration into our movements but quick decisions. It mostly stands on how well the dancer is able to put her thoughts into actions with a clear depth of her movements and ideas. Lastly, a dancer has to be aware of the music and space too. She has the option of synchronising with the music or going against it. Movement and improvisation does not necessarily have to have a dancer moving to a piece of music, it could be different sounds or even silence. In accordance to space, there is negative space and positive space. As improvisers,

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