Et Teffeh Play Analysis

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On September 7th, Indiana University Cinemas presented an Algerian play called “Et’teffeh” (means “Apples”). This is a popular play in Algeria, which successfully revealed the traditional culture and tradition of Algeria. Only three actors played the whole play, however actors are all experienced, which made the content more interesting. Istijman, the organization that takes the responsibilities of this play, is a small experimental theater organization that wants to spread the culture of Algeria all around the world.
Istijman, an experimental theater organization, wants to “bring contemporary theatrical perspectives to bear on indigenous Algerian theatrical traditions” (Vision Statement). (Center Stage) The organization “moves outward from
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Based on my personal experience, the organization does not put many inputs into this play. First, the advertisement of this play is unsuccessful, which did not grab much people’s attentions to this play. Many people did not know the information about the play, which means the organization didn’t fill the seats fully. The organization only posted their detailed information on Indiana University website, which is not enough for disseminating the art. Also, the attendees of the play basically were all old people, which seems were all over 50 years old, so the organization did not advertise the play broadly. A successful art organization should bring young engagement into their community and use the youth to spread the art spirit. Maybe the organization should put their detailed information on other popular social media as well, such as instagram and snapchat. Secondly, performance environment is also an important factor and can tremendously impact audiences’ feelings. This theater that the play performed in is a small theater with a complex construction. People who watch on the top floor have a limited view and really uncomfortable for them to watch the performance with their heads down. The light of the theater is extremely dark that gives the audiences an unclear perspective. The darkness would also give the audiences a weary feeling, …show more content…
Before the performance, each individual got a paper filled with some survey question about the understanding of Algerian culture and their feelings about the play. This is a great way for the organization to get the participant’s responses and evaluate their jobs. Doing surveys is “important because they’re the most reliable method to get real feedback from our subscribers” (Estevez) Participant’s responses are the most directive and effective way to learn their weakness and also their strength. Also, it is a successful way to get the participant engages into their organization. To build a long-term relationship with the audience can help the organization achieve its goal efficiently. The volunteers in the program are also awesome and each of them is experienced and diplomatic. Volunteers will be the most important part of an art program and every organization must gain their supports to achieve the goals. “Volunteers help with fundraising, administrative tasks, and operations, and they help spread the word about the mission of the organization.” (Tishman) The volunteers in the program are excellent and they are kind to everyone. They helped everyone finding their seats quickly and answered any question correctly. They always smiled to the people, which would give them a good expression about the organization. They are the face of the organization and represented the

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