Gcse Music Performance Review

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As I walked into the Brechemin Auditorium I was immediately mesmerized by the stage. I took my seat and instantly took notice of the crimson curtain and the Grand black piano shining in the spotlight. The auditorium was much smaller than I had expected, but it created an intimacy between the musicians and audience that was necessary for the performances. During Introduction and Variations on ‘Trockne Blumen,’ D.802, I could hear the pages of sheet music turn and the breaths that the flute player would take during her performance. I was completely in awe of how beautiful the flute looked, glistening in its gold color under the spotlight as the flutist would slightly bob around when playing.
The second performance were two compositions made
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Almost every piece played had many points in which the music just hit me and gave me goosebumps. Although I have never attended a classical concert, I was extremely impressed at the skill level of the musicians and hearing the varying quality and timbres of each instrument live. My favorite piece by far was ‘Quartettsatz,’ Number 12 in c minor, D.703. I learned through the performance, that this piece specifically was part of an incomplete series and was never performed during his lifetime. He only completed the first movement and left the second movement unfinished. This piece was more powerful than the rest that were performed. When it came to the rhythm and tempo of the song and it reminded me a bit of Igor Stravinsky’s, The Rite of Spring, Part 1, excerpts. In Quartettsatz, there are moments of tremolo by the violins that are similar to the tempo of the violins in the Dance of the Youths and Maidens in The Rite of Spring. My favorite moments of the piece were when the cellist’s used pizzicato in the background illustrating a feeling of consonance, then the sudden hit of dissonance with the quartet’s

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