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  • Dance Critique

    This dance event hosted by the department of theater and dance at Montclair State University was a spectacular event that you would not want to miss. This dance event ,that took place in Alexander Kasser Theater, had six dances and one dance film. My favorite thing about the dances were the effort that all the students put into it and all the light action. Also the costume were amazingly designed and flowed with the themes of every individual dance. The name of the event is Danceworks 2016. This…

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  • The Knight's Hall: A Short Story

    evening. Several of the Grand Duke’s officers of his personal guard spotted Karolina in the corner of the great hall sitting next to her mother. They hurried over to her. Karolina blushed as a handsome soldier strode up to her, bowed and asked her to dance. She looked at her mother and her mother nodded “Yes”.…

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  • Street Dance Research Paper

    This past weekend my mother and I went to the So You Think You Can Dance tour event in Houston at the Reinvention Center. The overall experience caused me to realize that dancing takes an abundance of endurance and the ability to keep a straight face during intense environmental circumstances. Dance has the ability to evoke a multitude of feelings for people, but only a few make lifelong impressions due to our past experiences and our ties to certain expressions of emotions. One of the…

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  • Asamba Dance Analysis

    seeing this group performed at a cultural event or festival in Minnesota, two years back. The sounds or music coming from animations, drums, instruments, parents and children performing this dance make me remember the goes boo I had when I watched them dance. I could not image the performance by these kids born in Minnesota, U.S dancing and following the rhythms of the traditional dance music from where their parents come from so well as if they were born in Mankon, Cameroon. An African…

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  • Women In The Crucible

    Our story begins with dancing, not the footloose kind, although the two towns have similar policies on the matter, but a much more ominous dancing in the woods. The setting is early 1800’s Massachusetts in a puritan colony. We are first introduced to the main character in the play when reverend Parris, a rich reverend from Barbados, stumbles upon girls dancing. It is never stated why Parris was in the woods to begin with, and it is never questioned either. Parris discoveres the girls dancing and…

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  • Classical Ballet Vs Hip Hop Dance

    remarkable differences, the similarities between the two styles of dance are self-evident when observing the costuming, technicality, and entertainment of each style. Dance has always played an important role in any culture, from the Mayans to today’s modern society; individuals are continuing to express themselves through movement. Different styles of dance have derived from other forms of traditional dances such as ballet. Every style of dance performed in a studio has some element of ballet…

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  • Happy Dancing Around The World Video Analysis

    sculptures, and that form is dance. Dancing is a form of art where someone can express feelings and emotions or even to inform others by using their bodies. Dance is a very broad topic. Every culture and every group of people have their own dance that relates to them and shows their…

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  • Technology In Dance

    Lighting up the Dance Community Let 's face it, technology in the 21st century has influenced an abounding number of things, from how we go about socialising with one another to the simplest tasks like online shopping. It is therefore no surprise that technology has also impacted the performing arts and managed to further integrate technology with the dance communities. Alas, people have witnessed such complexity through the use of technology in two contemporary pieces such as, Gideon…

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  • Disadvantages Of Technology Essay

    When teachers start replacing textbooks with electronic devices, students start to forget the value of reading a textbook, or any other form of book. It has been proven that everything that is shown on the internet is not always true. When going on the websites, students do not always store all of the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of A Computer

    pretending they do, and try to get away, as fast as they can. Either way the question is never answered, so, what is a computer? According to Dictionary.com, a computer is a programmable electronic device designed…

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