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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey To A Gymnastics

    I never imagined that I would come from a foster care program to a famous Olympic Medalist. It all started at Bannon’s Gymnastics when the coaches asked if I wanted to join (Biles 46). My mom never thought about enrolling me into a gymnastics class even though I was always jumping around doing flips on our trampoline (Biles 47). That very week, my mom signed my sister and I up for a gymnastics class twice a week (Biles 47). My coaches would have to yell at me when I began to do flips I have yet…

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  • Why I Want To Dance

    Professionals, create dance routines and teaches them to dance, is a career I wish to pursue, for the rewards my students will earn, the more dance they will learn, and the more activity the student will do. I been interested in this career I always dance and it made me happy, so that’s when I thought to myself that. I was going to be a choreography. This career grabbed my intention because, I always went to birthdays parties and they always danced and it was fun and the way people look at me it…

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  • Love In Natalie Portman's Film Black Swan

    Like most ballerinas Ninas (Natalie Portman) life revolves around ballet. She is one of the brightest stars in the New York City Ballet Company and when the the time comes to replace prima ballerina Beth (Winona Ryder) as the lead role in Swan Lake is Nina is next. But she gets an unexpected competitor, newcomer Lily (Mila Kunis), who impresses the director with her sensuality and passion. The two rivals develop a twisted friendship. Nina becomes more and more desperate, and the question is how…

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  • College Dance Is It For Me Analysis

    Di Orio, Laura. “College Dance: Is It for Me?” Dance Informa Magazine, 7 Oct. 2015, www.danceinforma.com/2015/10/05/college-dance-is-it-for-me/. In her article, “College Dance: Is It for Me?” (2016), Laura Di Orio argues that going to college to study dance is important and useful, but that it is not the path for everyone. Di Orio supports her claim by including direct quotes from interviews she had conducted with four different professional dancers. The author’s purpose is to provide…

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  • Essay On Trampoline

    For most of us, bouncing is fun! No wonder there are plenty of trampolines everywhere. From our backyards to indoor gyms, to playgrounds, trampolines were being promoted as an efficient form of exercise for children and even adults. Likewise, trampolines are great for engaging everyone in the family in a fun activity. However, frequent use, extreme weather conditions, liquid and chemical spillage and other physical elements contribute to the fast wear and tear of trampolines. Once you see…

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  • Rajasthani Wedding Essay

    Name- Praniti kachhawa TOPIC- WHY AND WHAT ARE THE CHANGES IN WEDDING ATTIRE OF A BRIDE AND GROOM IN RAJASTHAN Mesmerizing sound of the shehnai in background, folk musician playing and dancing on amusing Rajasthani songs, delicate women clad in bright and colorful ‘poshaks’ with extravagant jewelry and bunch of tall tough men wearing bandh gala and breeches wearing graceful saafas in an outstanding environment of old palaces and forts- yes this is what a Rajasthani wedding is all about-…

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  • Carmen De Lavallade Analysis

    greatest figures in the dance field, award-winning dancer and choreographer Carmen de Lavallade remains esteemed by all who treasure her contributions to ballet. After fifty years, de Lavallade continues to maintain and heighten a career comprised of Broadway, film, opera, television performances, and choreographed work. Described as mesmerizing and ethereal by both dance connoisseurs and critics alike, de Lavallade has dedicated a lifetime to expressing traditional forms of dance, as well as…

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  • Theatre Critique

    this by the types of motions displayed by the dancers. While each of the dancers performed different movements, they seemed to be in unison. Also, the uniforms worn by all dancers created a visually homogeneous performance. The style of contemporary dance was used for the performance. The dancers displayed a combination of the strong and controlled legwork of ballet along with modern dance’s stress on the torso. Also, a lot of floor work was incorporated in the performance. Some dancers slid…

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  • Lord Of The Dance Analysis

    Lord of the Dance you can see many different and similar interactions with dance; which incorporates Yoruba Nigerian Christine’s and traditional dance. As well as Indian religious traditions that is forms of worship. Upon reviewing these two cultures and how they incorporate family, dance, and movement. You can also see the difference visually with the attire and people around. Family’s come together to celebrate with other villagers finding their God. Movement is a large part of dance and being…

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  • The Glass Box Monologue

    The set is clean and empty; it is a blank canvas. There are plain colours on stage, whether it be just a white light, or a light blue. There is someone on stage. They are not female; nor are they male. They just are. This is THE CHARACTER. THE CHARACTER is in a limbo of sorts. THE CHARACTER did not mean to pass away -- they did not want to pass away. The mystery to the audience, however, is how did THE CHARACTER pass away. All we know, as the audience, is that the character is not ready to come…

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