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  • Dancing Fool In School Short Story

    Before I knew it I was viewing music videos on MTV and VH1 when they still had them. I imitated countless Michael Jackson dance steps. Then I continued rehearsing and training for my performances more than anything in my life. At daybreak I cavorted on the dead grassy schoolyard by myself because nobody played with me or appeared…

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  • Pina Dance Analysis

    “Pina dance, dance otherwise we are lost” Pina is the name of the movie I watched. It’s a series of performances by a extensive group of about twenty dancers. The movie consisted of a series of settings. Throughout the performances the aforesaid theme was applied. The dancers were consistently liberated, but sometimes used very sharp quick movements. The dancing styles were mostly modern and contemporary. The themes were quite troublesome to catch on to but I attempted to unravel each…

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  • The Wayang Kulit: A Famous Shadow Puppet Play Of The Ramayana And The Mahabharati

    The Wayang Kulit is a famous shadow puppet play in Indonesia. Wayang means shadow and Kulit means leather. This is to be said one of the earliest forms of puppet dancing, going back to the year 800. The origin of the Wayang Kulit comes from Indonesia, although there have been arguments that it also could have come from China. This style of theater is based on the "Ramayana" and the "Mahabharata". The Ramayana is a story where a prince Rama tries to rescue his wife from an evil king and The…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Magic Night On Halloween

    The magical night on halloween One day in school me and my best friends Kiana and Mariana Invited to a Halloween party at a kid's house who is really wealthy and popular. Kiana has been my best friend since like 2nd grade so has Mariana, Kiana looks Looked She was really really nice girl she was so pretty she had long curly hair and her hair was brown with blonde/ombre highlight. Mariana was a really really nice girl And she was really pretty she had black roots kind of reddish brownish blonde…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My First Dance Competition

    My First Dance Competition The first time I performed at a dance competition was a very exciting and memorable moment for me. I was six years old and insanely nervous. Typically the nerves hit me while I wait in the wing of the stage for my name to be called, but this time it began the moment I woke up in the morning. I remember having to wake up at about six in the morning in order to have time to get ready and be at the convention center in Wichita when the doors opened at 7:30 a.m. I have…

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  • Essay On Ethnography

    execute a move with excellence, people don’t judge. In Thailand, if you didn’t do well, they will give you a penetrating look. This discouragement from Thai Bboy is a good example of resistance and discrimination. If you are not good enough, don’t dance. Just like the poor in Sedaka, where the rich neglect them because they are not as well-off or talented as the wealthy. When I started out in Thailand, every set back from peers makes me want to fight myself to become better than them. Just like…

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  • Dancing On My Own By Claire Perkins Analysis

    television of the body”, Claire Perkins discusses how the body is used in place of dialogue to develop the story and the characters (34) The next few shots are jump cuts between Marnie and various main characters. First we see Jessa who has wild and free dance movements that show her carefree nature. Her face is always positioned away from the camera, which indicates that she is secretly insecure about who she is – something she does not have the courage to admit out loud. Then we are introduced…

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  • Reflective Essay On Choreographing A Dance

    interest of mine since i was five years old and began taking dance classes. Although I knew everything about learning and performing I had little knowledge about the choreographing process. I decided to learn these steps for my project to be able to construct my own dance in two years when I have my senior solo, as all seniors do at my studio. At the end of last year my dance teacher said if a fellow dancer and I wanted to choreograph our own dance for recital next year, she would definitely…

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  • Fall Dance Performance

    Repertory Dance Company Fall Dance Concert. This was primarily a showcase for dance majors and students that displayed phenomenal dance skills. Held at the Mannoni Performing Arts Center at the university’s campus, the performances highlighted various blossoming dancers with a wide range of unique dance styles. This was a superb opportunity to gain a different conception of dance, which for an experienced Jazz and Hip-Hop dancer, created the perfect challenge. The auditorium the dance concert…

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  • Carlos Williams Dance Analysis

    their dance performances. Hence, the different forms of art such as poetry, dance and music all have a way of creating a connection between the audience and the presenters. They are like a bridge that joins the two sides together and allows the audience or the reader to experience an emotion or aspect of life that at times might not have be acknowledged. Williams creates this sense of unity and allows the reader…

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