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  • Merengue Rmba Dance Research

    Dance Essays for The Rumba and The Merengue There are many folk dances that are performed around the world but two of the most popular are the Rumba which originated in Cuba, and the Merengue which originated in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. (The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica) The rumba is a dance that rivets its image on the mind. With so much history, rumba has been and is a dance of conflicts: love versus hate, aggression and harmony, sexuality and prudence. Musically, it taps…

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  • How Has Music Influenced Me

    asked to define music in my own words. I continued to write in my notebook on the fresh, clean page what I had thought was a creative way of explaining the topic. I had written, “Music is defined as a combination of sounds, voices and beats to make a new stream of varying qualities that are pleasing to the ear based on opinion.” After sitting through several classes I began to realize I had in fact over-complicated the word “music”. Professor O explained to everyone that the music was in fact…

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  • Theme Of Duality In A Doll House

    begs Torvald to help her practice the tarantella dance for a party. As Dr. Rank and later Torvald play the piano, Nora dances wildly and with great enthusiasm. However, Torvald…

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  • Themes Of Dancer And Shinny Game That Changed The Ice

    Acceptance in a community is crucial for a healthy, fulfilling life. In Dancer and Shinny Game that Melted the Ice, an examination of the protagonists; Clarissa and “the one who went away”, and the mood in the stories effectively set the tone for the importance of belonging. The authors use of symbols, mood and character traits demonstrate this importance of belonging in a family, whether it be biological or not. Clarissa, a young foster girl from an Assiniboine tribe came to live with a new…

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  • Reflection Paper On Dancing

    continued to dance. In the Russian documentary I saw five young girls pushing their bodies to the breaking point to become the best, no matter what it took to get there. Dancer place themselves in difficult situations and push their bodies so far to accept pain. They are truly athletes of the greatest degree. Anna Aalten wrote in her journal, In the Presence of the Body: Theorizing Training, Injuries and Pain in Ballet, that humans were not made to stand on their toes, let alone dance. But…

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  • Analysis Of Rizalde Speech

    yourself. It could be in when you were a little kid, or more relevant- high school. Elizalde wants us to reached 20 years later and picture ourselves committing everything that you are passionate about. I decided and committed to opening or running a dance studio business. Secondly,”No pain, no gain” (Elizalde para 20). Basically saying, you fall down, get right back up and do it again. This can apply to a dancers life because you literally go through blood, sweat, and tears. I been in this…

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  • Essay On Gymnastics

    Gymnastics you ask what is it it’s a sport that is performed in the winter Olympics. Yes it is a sport some people say it is not a sport but it is because it uses the performance of exercises requiring strength, flexibility, balance and control. It’s actually two types of gymnastics there’s artistic and rhythmic. Yes they are different because rhythmic gymnastics you do Gymnasts performing as in jumps, tosses, leaps and other moves with different types of apparatus. Rhythmic gymnastics is the…

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  • The Importance Of Being On A Dance Team

    from the Tab, “There is nothing like being on a dance team. It is one of those things – you can only fully comprehend it if you’re a part of one.” (Pandey,Secrets Everyone In A Dance Team Knows,The Tab) there are so many things that many people outside of the team do not know. Some people think it is easy and that we barely do anything, others are more knowledgeable, but will never truly understand. If you are contemplating trying out for the dance team you have a few things to learn or if you…

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  • Relationships In Inside I M Dancing

    The texts I studied, as part of my comparative course, are ''Inside I'm Dancing'' (ID), directed by Damien O'Donnell and ''Sive'' (S) , written by John B. Keane. I examined how relationships can have both positive and negative effects on the protagonists. The parent and child relationship in (S) is between Sive and her aunt, Mena. Sive's parents died when she was a baby, so her uncle Mike and his wife Mena brought her up. Their relationship is negative and it is clear why their relationship is…

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  • Dancing Fool In School Short Story

    Before I knew it I was viewing music videos on MTV and VH1 when they still had them. I imitated countless Michael Jackson dance steps. Then I continued rehearsing and training for my performances more than anything in my life. At daybreak I cavorted on the dead grassy schoolyard by myself because nobody played with me or appeared…

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