Dusty Springfield

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  • Museum Observation Report

    Today’s visit to the museum was quite exciting! Having the opportunity to see John Simpsons vision for the museum in its current state, and knowing we could influence the design is a golden opportunity from my perspective. What this signaled for me was the dialogue I had in Amsterdam talking about the flow and the influence of language and historical content in exhibits. I knew when I first saw the Seuss advertisement, I had my eye on a few of them. However, as a dyslexic person writing, and…

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  • Drunken Hun Biography

    Born on March 2 1904 in Springfield Ma Theodor was the second of two children to Theordor Geisel and –Henierra Seuss. His parents families both owned were shops, his mother came from a well-known German bakery family, making pies in town. His father came from a German family known for making the Kalmboch & Geisel Brewery, which was one of the largest beer companies in the New England area. Growing up in Forrest Park neighborhood, Theodor rarely needed for much, as he would often play with is…

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  • Personal Narrative: Missouri Western State University

    Missouri Western was the right college for me because I liked it more than the other two colleges I visited, this college offered the major I wanted to pursue, and the smaller campus size. The first college I thought about attending was MSU in Springfield. While I was on my tour,…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Cathedral High School

    At a first glance, it was viewed as an abandoned elementary school that was deteriorating physically, a place that was losing hope and a place that no one would ever want to go to. I am talking about Cathedral High School on 310 Main St, Wilbraham, also known as my second home. Waking up at 6:45 and going to the bus stop was a daily routine for myself. Standing there the first day, I was circled up with 3 friends whom I had known from middle school. Shortly however as the days progressed, that…

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  • Personal Narrative: Working At Jolly's Donuts

    In an unusual set of circumstances, I found myself both off from work and without my boys, on a Saturday and with absolutely no plans. Becoming bored by the afternoon, with no distractions, nothing worth watching on TV, and a desire to make a meal that didn't include hot dogs, I decided to invite Joe over for dinner. I met Joe at shortly after I started working at Jolly's Donuts. The place was so new they barely had a functional kitchen, and Joe had been called in to install the industrial…

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  • The Role Of Teenagers In The 50's

    The word "teenagers" was invented describing people ages 13 to 19. Teenagers in the 50 's had a significant role in Canadian history. Teenagers during the 50 's became more difficult. Before the 50 's teens would listen to their parents, however during the 50 's teenagers were beginning to get rebellious, many started to call teens "rebels" or "renegades". They changed society in many ways. The teenagers in the 50 's differed from many other teenagers, they gained more freedom and independence…

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  • Led Zeppelin: A Lasting Impression On Music History

    Raine Baker 5/5/2016 Sean Beachy "Good Times, Bad Times" Led Zeppelin is a name that transcends generations and has made a lasting impression on music history. After an unlikely formation from the ending of another band, they took the world by storm. The band faced triumphs and tribulations, before their sad and unwelcome end. Luckily for everyone else, they reunited time and time again to delight and wow the public. Led Zeppelin was instrumental in the late sixties and seventies of the…

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