Dreams Can Come True

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  • Leaving The Iron Lung, By Anne Laurel Cartier

    A major part of life is pursuing dreams. Life would almost be pointless if people did not have ambitions. We wouldn’t have a reason to get out of bed if they did not have a dream that they want to achieve. Anne Laurel Cartier, the author of the short story “Leaving the iron lung,” specifically looks at how having a dream can affect one’s life. Carter uses conflicting characters, character transformation, and the setting to illustrate that to be content with life one needs to follow their dream, even if they need to commit and sacrifice to achieve it. First, Carter uses the contrasting characters Agathe and Marie to show that having a dream is an important part of someone’s life. First, Agathe decision to give up her ambition of being a professor…

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  • Importance Of Success For Success

    consider that as a stepping stone to get success. For me failure is a procedure to get success. You can learn something new from failure and make a reflection from it for your plan so you can do better next time. It also can make you to…

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  • Neal Collins Case: A Short Story

    five years of intense lectures and lessons, I had earned a degree that I was finally going to put to use. Neal and I, our relationship was based around facts and stories we told each other. We never went on great adventures. We never saw a movie together. We never spent the day lazing around the house. We were close through an internet connection; how would it be face-to-face? Eight o’clock at the Hard Rock Café London, April 15th, I saw Neal for the first time. He stood waiting on the sidewalk…

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  • Essay Comparing Ulysses And Santiago

    Ulysses and Santiago “We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us” (Joseph Campbell). This quote relates to the two stories because the main characters had to ditch their past life for their new ones. Santiago and Ulysses can easily be compared or contrasted. They are alike in tons of ways, but they are also so different. They are two completely different who are strangely alike. They both find help on their journeys from surprising strangers who…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Mizuno Wave Inspire

    For the remainder of the day only five more trucks come. Today will be harder I tell myself and maybe longer, but after two weeks it will be worth it. I arrive and can already hear the loud truck engines as one is leaving the scales. Once I clock in, I go to the office where the dust is so thick I can feel it crawling up my nose causing me to sneeze. All of a sudden I see a whole line of trucks start driving down the street and line up so they can be dumped. Bryan grabs the walkie talkie and…

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  • Personal Narrative: Growing Up In A Car

    People say that there is nothing like the smell and the feel of a brand new car. Lucky for me at the age of nineteen I was fortunate enough to find that out for myself. After working to save seventeen hundred dollars my mom and I drove to the Honda dealer to go get the car of my dreams. There it was, either it seemed like they knew I was coming, or everywhere I looked the car was there. A black on black coupe EX Honda Civic, power locks, power windows, sunroof, alloy wheels, and the best part…

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  • Personal Narrative: Survivor By Journey

    When reflecting on my character; my most dominant trait has stood out, being a caring person. From listening to a friend in need, feeding the homeless and volunteering for Make-A-Wish I have learned I love to lend a hand. It was seven o'clock in the evening when the sun finally started to set and the children in the neighborhood begin to head home, when I could distinctly hear Survivor by Journey; Jorge was calling my phone. Jorge had been distant for the past few weeks and as a matter of fact…

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  • What Does My Parents Mean To Me

    have other 3 biological kids, 2 boys and one girl. I have always dreamed about going to school and becoming somebody, somebody that can be seen because I have always been invisible growing up. After I got adapted I finally got the chance to go to school, it was a dream come true,…

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  • Effective Interpersonal Communication Reflection

    I believe these are factors that come into play whenever any individual starts a new career; there is always a learning curve, but it is possible to overcome these obstacles with careful attention and dedication. Some of these areas would be the acquiring of comprehensive knowledge of undergraduate education, understanding of academic practices, requisites, procedures and choices, familiarity with current school and general advising movements, and knowledge of campus resources. Again these are…

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  • Oasis Springs: A Narrative Fiction

    I didn’t mind Blaine ‘dropping in on me’ and I certainly didn’t want him to leave. At the same time, I had no desire to come across some love struck teenager desperate to keep the infatuation of her life at her side. “Honestly, I’d enjoy the company. Besides, I could hardly play the part of the rude hostess after you saved my life.” Blaine’s face lit up with a brilliant smile, his eyes sparkling, warm laughter filling the room. “You know, in some cultures I now own you…at least until you…

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