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  • Creative Writing: The Rainbow Serpent

    In the Dreamtime all earth lay sleeping. One day the Rainbow Serpent awoke from her sleep and came out from under the ground. She travelled far and wide across the land and eventually grew tired and slept. She left marks of her sleeping body and her tracks. Then she returned to the place where she had first appeared, and called to the frogs, "Come out!"The frogs came out and the Rainbow serpent tickled their stomachs to the point were when the frogs laughed, water ran all over the earth to fill in the tracks that the Rainbow Serpent had made, and this was how the lakes and rivers were formed.With water now in the land, grass and trees started to grow along with other animals waking up and following the rainbow serpent across the land one again.…

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  • Post-Modern Creation Stories

    religions is declining. However, the dream of a utopia in which men and women can tame nature to benefit themselves has led to environmental destruction and inequality. Therefore, in the post-modern world, the morals and values within Genesis 1 are urgently needed. God explains to humanity that we have dominion over the earth, and are called to conserve its beauty. In the post-modern era, people can follow the lessons of Genesis and creations myths to address the challenges of climate change and…

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  • Picnic At Hanging Rock Analysis

    one of aborigines in Australia. It can be said that this film is filled with spiritual symbolism to demonstrate the tension between Australia's white man and the Aboriginal people. The Last Wave shares similar mystical and occult elements with Weir's previous film but also explores the cultural disconnect between white urban society and the laws and legends of aboriginal tribal people. We can see that Aboriginal culture has been treated as mystical mystery by creating an exciting story. Peter…

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  • Aboriginal Kinship System

    The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders were the first inhabitants of Australia. It is believed that the Aboriginal people have lived in Australia for the past 50,000 to 120,000 years ago. The Aboriginal people were semi nomadic and lived off natural resources. They lived in groups or families and lived under their kinship system. Their kinship system defined who they were as an individual and who they were as a group. The system told them how to act and behave and the responsibilities they…

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  • Aboriginal Culture In Australia

    culture is arguable the longest surviving culture in existence with first mentions of it dating back to 60,000 years before European settlement. Apart from the extraordinary amount of time that their culture has been around the other remarkable point is that each region of Australia has their own unique and completely different culture to any other region with 270 different groups in total (Shareourpride.org, 2016). While each clan discuss differently how the world or their land came to be each…

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  • The Upanishad Analysis

    This extract is from Ngarlu Jukurrpa (Martin, 2010). This is not a written text, but rather an artwork and its description about a Dreaming story. The term ‘jukurrpa’ which refers to the concept of Dreamtime or the Dreaming, is an eternal process that preserves the life forces (Wierzbicka & Goddard, 2015, p. 43-44). The Dreamtime is important in the belief system of Indigenous Australians as it is the era of creation and these Dreaming stories explain the origin of the universe and human…

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  • The Tall Man Film Analysis

    The Aboriginal people of Palm Island are under the thumb of the police in society, however in this film they are given power to speak out with their whole community in support. The story being told through the documentary is how Doomadgee’s death affected the whole Aboriginal community of Palm Island. The opening scene in The Tall Man is critically important as it shows the ideology of the Aboriginal Community through a dreamtime story. Visuals and dialogue in this scene are crucial in…

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  • Gender Roles In Greek Creation Myth

    Though the main creators do still seem to be male – Baiame, the Maker of Many Things, is the one to summon the Dreamtime ancestors from “under the ground and over the seas” and helps create the sun, while the Rainbow Snake plays a significant part in shaping the land, creating bays and rivers when drowning wrongdoers, or forming rocks and hills when spitting out the bones of the ones he swallowed – all the Dreamtime ancestors have a role in the shaping of the land, and they are fluid, changing…

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  • Aboriginal People Research Paper

    Terra Nullius is a word derived from Roman Law meaning “no one’s Land”. Claims were made on the land of Aboriginal people and they were restricted to practice culture, spirituality, language and visiting their own ritual sites. The first people of Australia. The indigenous people, the first owners of the land we live in. people who lost everything in post colonization. Loss of culture, family, identity, lost sacred sites, loss of lands. People who were treated as servants and exploited. Though…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Personal Experience Of Religion

    on in life. Another thing that all religions seem to try to explain is the way the world works. That can be down to the rules on how to live, or it can be about the way the Earth is shaped. In Christianity, the landscape, animals, humans, and universe is shaped by the hands of God. He meticulously handcrafted each and every living, and non-living, thing in the universe to become what we see today. He did this all within about 7 days. Some religions have a different take on why the landscape…

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