Diabetic retinopathy

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  • Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus: A Case Study

    Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Isaac Anzaldua Norma Beardwood (Roper), MBA, M. Ed., RDN, LD, LPC, CEDS DIET 4252 August 31, 2015 Introduction Basic Overview Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus is a disease; which occurs through high blood concentrations as a byproduct of issues concerning insulin mechanisms. Individuals with this disease produce an inadequate amount of insulin. The primary defect is the pancreatic beta-cell destruction; usually leading to hyperglycemia, polyuria, polydipsia, weight loss,…

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  • Diabetes Statistics Report

    depend on lifelong insulin therapy. Without therapy, severe ketoacidosis can develop. Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is a combining result of hyperglycemia, ketoacidosis, and dehydration. Electrolytes are severely depleted which can lead to hypovolemic shock and if untreated can result in death. Type 1 DM affects those in younger age, and its incidence is increasing in young children (Lewis, 2014,…

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  • Familial Health Issues In My Family

    There are a number of familial health issues that run on both of my parents ' sides of my family. On my mother 's side cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure, and diabetes seem to be common issues. On my dad 's side cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and gout are prevalent ( records on my dad 's side of the family only go up to my grandparents due to lack of clear records) My grandfather (dad 's side)also passed away from an aneurysm, but…

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  • Type 2 Diabetes: Case Study

    Majority of the worldwide diabetic patients are type 2 diabetes which means they are insulin resistant. Insulin is important in lowering blood glucose by bringing in glucose inside the cells. If their bodies are resistant to insulin, there will be less glucose going into the cells and more glucose in the blood which indicate a high hemoglobin A1c level (HbA1c).2 HbA1c level above 7% will increase the risk for artery diseases, stroke, diabetic neuropathy, nephropathy, and retinopathy. Therefore,…

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  • Motivational Appeals And Deception Analysis

    incentives. This combination of motivational appeals is complimentary. Although one is positive and one negative, both are working to receive the same result, and that is to encourage driver awareness and safety. Using the earlier example of the diabetic woman and her husband’s efforts to motivate her to healthier choices, a different combination would not work. If the husband led with a shame tactic and followed with warmth and affection, it’s probable that would a defective approach. Perhaps…

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  • Low Blindness Assessment

    best-corrected visual acuity lower than 1.3 logMAR or a visual field no more than10 degrees in the better eye with best correction. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the most common cause of blindness in white people, while glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy are the leading causes in coloured people. (Congdon et al, 2004) Low Vision Assessment:…

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  • Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Research Paper

    Treatment to prevent diabetes in pre-diabetic patient includes education and lifestyle modifications that can be referred to dietitian. Lifestyle changes included healthier diet, physical activity for150 minutes per week, and weight loss of 5-10% of body weight can benefit the patient tremendously. Also medication such as metformin can be used to prevent type 2 diabetes mellitus for patients who meet pre-diabetic criteria (NGC, 2014). Yearly screening for the pre-diabetic patients to monitor…

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  • Retinal Fundus Image Analysis Essay

    rajiamrose91@gmail.com Mr.L.Arokia Jesu Prabhu AP/CSE , Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Chandy college of Engineering, Mullakadu,Thoothukudi(T.N)India. jlplazer@gmail.com ABSTRACT Automatic diagnosis of several diseases such as Diabetic retinopathy, Hypertension etc. can be performed using the help of retinal fundus images. One of the important first steps in retinal fundus image analysis is the identification of blood vessels. Segmentation of blood vessels in fundus images…

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  • Type 2 Diabetes Pathophysiology Essay

    glucose, nervousness, anxiety, sweating and chills, confusion, tachycardia, polyphagia, weakness, altered mental status, seizures, and coma. All of these are caused by lack of glucose. (American Diabetes Association, 2014). DKA and HHNKA DKA or diabetic ketoacidosis is a condition where in type 1 diabetes, the blood glucose levels exceed 250 mg/dL. Causes of DKA include infections, particularly pneumonia, UTI 's and sepsis, insulin that is inadequate or noncompliance and CVD 's like…

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  • Ophthalmologist And Optometrist Similarities

    Optometrist vs Ophthalmologist Understanding the difference between ophthalmologists and optometrists can be confusing for people seeking vision and eye care. There is some overlap in certain areas between an optometrist vs. Ophthalmologist, but there are also some very striking differences. Fortunately, once you have an understanding of what each of them do, you can know where to go to get the professional care that best fits your needs. Comparison Chart Optometrists Ophthalmologist Definition…

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