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“Diabetes Mellitus is a group of metabolic disease characterized by hyperglycemia resulting from defects in insulin secretion, insulin action or both”(American Diabetes Association, n. d). A chronic hyperglycemia is associated with long-term damage of various organs such as kidney, heart, nerves, blood vessels and others (American Diabetes Association, n.d).
Diabetes is one of the leading cause of death among various population which requires a proper tool to diagnose in earlier stage so that people can be educated to control their blood glucose and associated factors. Early detection and intervention is most important to prevent further complications associated with diabetes such as neuropathy, nephropathy, retinopathy, foot damage, skin infections
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It also helps to promote the health education regarding diabetes management, prevention of risk factors among targeted population. HbA1c level has a direct relationship with the stressors, when the psychological stress increases, the level of HbA1c increases so, HbA1c test provides an information related to psychological health which will help to prevent the complications related to psychological imbalance (Degeling & Rock, 2012). Study also explains that HbA1c is a reliable index for the risk of both microvascular and macrovascular complications. It is the crucial tool for health care professionals to identify the compliance of individual to the prescribed therapies such as, medications , diet, exercise and others. Regular testing of HbA1c level provides a picture of glucose control in the body and people with good blood glucose level should check their HbA1c level every 6 monthly and people who have unstable blood glucose level should test their HbA1c level more …show more content…
HbA1c testing will encourage the people to control and manage unhealthy behaviors on time so that inivitable complications can be minimized. In addition, care givers, planners, regulators and other health care professionals will be aware of the situation so that appropriate health education can be given to the targeted group, which will prevent complications associated with diabetes mellitus. According to the article, HbA1c testing identifies the diabetic risk population and index of underlying health disparities, which promote the identification and monitoring of the population at risk of increase burden of

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