Diabetic retinopathy

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  • Six Aims Of Quality Improvement In Diabetes Management

    evaluation criteria to assess the quality of care provided to the diabetic population by primary care…

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  • Type 2 Diabetes Case Study Essay

    called diabetic ketoacidosis (Brooker). This then acts as an osmotic diuretic and…

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  • A1c Test Benefits

    to help patients monitor their diabetes. In order to explain the how much more significant an A1C test is in comparison with the other test that are mentioned in this report it is also important to explain what the results from an A1C test allows diabetic patients to monitors. Having test like the A1C test done is only part of monitoring a patient’s diabetes. The…

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  • Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1, And Treatments

    cells of the body start to die. The eye is perfect example of an organ that has high number of tiny small vessels. Diabetic retinopathy is defined blindness that occurs due to damage to the small blood vessels in the retina (Rosdahl & Kowalsaki, 2012). Nephropathy is another complication caused by damage to the small blood vessels. Nephropathy is another term for kidney disease. Diabetic neuropathy on the other hand, causes nerve damage. For example, a person may experience sensory changes such…

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  • Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

    didn’t exercise enough, or stress can all increase the sugar levels in the blood. Symptoms of hyperglycemia include high blood glucose, high sugar in the urine, frequent urination and thirst. Failing to treat can lead to ketoacidosis better known as a diabetic coma, which develops when your body doesn’t have enough insulin. When the body breaks down fats it produces ketones. The body tries to get rid of ketones through urine but if built up too much the body cannot get rid of it quick enough…

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  • Common Complications Of Diabetes, Type 1, And Cardiovascular Diseases

    diabetes is a foot injury. Diabetes may lead to an amputation, which is why diabetic foot care is taught to the patient. Neuropathy is a deterioration of nerves resulting in loss of nerve function. The most primitive signs for nephropathy is microalbuminuria, annual testing for albumin, BUN, and cerum creatinine is suggested. Diabetic retinopathy is considered legal blindness and annual eye exams are suggested. The cause of retinopathy is the blockage of retinal blood vessel leading to micro…

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  • Diabetes Misconceptions

    caused by diabetes in the state of Texas, and Medicaid spent more than $280 million on patients with diabetes (Texas Department of State Health Services). Why are these numbers so high? There are common misconceptions relating to diabetes and diabetic care, and many people have false beliefs in this disease and medical care, even those who have the disease. A study was funded by the National Institute on Aging and the Center for the Study of Health Beliefs and Behavior. The study…

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  • The Five Components Of The Aravind Eye Care System

    camp (Velayudhan et al, 2011). The camp initiates four to five screenings each month for different patient groups with different type of eye problems (Velayudhan et al, 2011). For example, a diabetic retinopathy camp for the diabetic community to diagnose and prevent the loss of vision due to diabetic retinopathy (Velayudhan et al,…

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  • Importance Of Communication Channels In Health

    Knowledge about diabetes mellitus was more in women. Regarding practice patterns only 36.5% of individual with knowledge about diabetic retinopathy, believed that if they controlled their blood sugar, they could avoid a visit to an ophthalmologist, compared with 55.5% with no knowledge (Rani et al, 2008). Many Kenyans with diabetes are elderly, have limited knowledge about diabetes, and…

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  • Hba1c Essay

    in earlier stage so that people can be educated to control their blood glucose and associated factors. Early detection and intervention is most important to prevent further complications associated with diabetes such as neuropathy, nephropathy, retinopathy, foot damage, skin infections…

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