Diabetic Neuropathy Research Papers

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Typically, by the time diabetic neuropathy is diagnosed, there is some form of kidney damage already present. Therefore, if you have symptoms of diabetic neuropathy, your doctor will want to test you for kidney problems as well. This is because without proper treatment, kidney problems can rapidly escalate into kidney failure and eventually become irreversible.

If you have not been diagnosed with diabetes yet, here are the tests that you can expect your doctor to preform to determine if you are in fact diabetic:

If you have severe symptoms of unexplained weight loss, increased thirst, increased hunger, frequent urination, or tingling in your feet and hands. There are tests your doctor can run to check for diabetes.
Today there are around
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During this test, blood sugar is tested regardless of the last time the person ate. They are not required to abstain from ingesting food or drink during this time.
A glucose level that is greater than 200 mg/dL could indicate that the person had diabetes. This is especially true if the test is repeated and receives similar results.
Oral Glucose Tolerance Test
An oral glucose tolerance test is another method of detecting diabetes. Typically this test is done during pregnancy to determine whether the woman has, or is at risk for developing gestational diabetes. It is also performed if the woman is thought to have type II diabetes but has a fasting glucose level that is considered normal. It is also used to see if someone has prediabetes.
Hemoglobin A1c Test

The hemoglobin A1c test is an extremely important blood test that is used to determine how well a diabetic’s blood sugar is being controlled. This test provides an average of your blood sugar over a six to twelve week period. It is typically used in conjunction with testing your blood sugar at home. Typically the test is used to determine whether adjustments need to be made to your current diabetes medication. The HbA1C level can also be used to diagnose diabetes if a value is found that is greater than

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