Criticism of the Bible

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  • Personal Theory: The Purpose Of Religious Education

    My personal theory of religious education is the biblical family centered education. 1. The purpose of religious education 1) Deliver the biblical values through family life The Bible mirrors every dimension of the world, so the biblical values can help people form constructive and balanced characteristics to be whole persons. However, the biblical values will not be fully transmitted by only teaching in the church on a limited time because values are not knowledge to get by just teaching.…

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  • Inerrancy Doctrine

    Christians believe that the Bible in its entirety is the inerrant word God; they base their foundation on what the Bible says which is supposed to be inspired by God, and written by man. Some of the reasons Christians believe that the Bible is the word of God are because it gives mankind a sense of purpose, a reason for living. Another reason has to do with simply that it gives the best explanation for the world coming to existence. Due to the fact Christians believe the Bible to be true, they…

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  • Holy Scripture Analysis

    two-thousand and five-hundred years the Old Testament has been accepted by many as historically accurate and inspired by God. Likewise, after the King James Version of the Holy Bible was published, it was considered by the Protestants to be the only accurate version of the Holy Bible and was infallible. The historical criticism of both the Old and New Testament began in middle 1700AD and since early 1900AD a more scientific view became established concerning the history of the texts of both…

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  • Gospel Of Mark Immature Analysis

    The most effective methodologies to interpret the Bible To understand the Bible from a scholarly perspective is to be skeptical and make good judgments based on the evidences that are given. An academic scholar of the Bible must be able to apply various research techniques, use analytic skills, and have high theological knowledge to correctly interpret the Bible. In doing so, this allows the scholar to appropriately criticize and determine the significance and implications of many of the…

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  • Marc Kettler How To Read The Bible Summary

    In his book How to Read the Jewish Bible, Marc Brettler (2005) introduces the reader to the Bible employing the methods modern biblical scholars use to understand the Hebrew scriptures. How successfully he does this depends not only on the content of his book, but also on the intended audience. In order to ascertain how well Brettler accomplished the intended goals of the book, one must first decipher what the goals of the work are. In the preface to the paperback edition of the book…

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  • The Separation Of Christianity

    Christianity, the bible is the most important book written. It is important to Christians because it is an eye witness account of the stories of Jesus. Without the bible, we would only have stories of the creation of time and Jesus, but through the bible, we can experience these stories almost as we were there. For Christians, this book shapes how they live daily. It is like a moral code set by God that Christians are required to follow so that they may be granted access to heaven. Without the…

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  • Christian Old Testament Vs Matthew Bible

    The Christian Old Testament and The Hebrew Bible are one and the same, this is what has been taught by some Christian sects for as long I have been a Christian , however this is not true as I have come to learn, the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament Bible are not identical. These texts the Christian Old Testament and The Hebrew Bible are texts that are strongly related to Christian and Jewish identity and ideology. One distinction that makes them different is that ,…

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  • Scopes Trial

    or not evolution and the Bible should be taught in public schools. In fact, there was once a court case, the Scopes Trial, in which many issues had arisen and were resolved about this controversy. One of the main issues discussed was a debate on evolutionism being taught in school. Clarence Darrow, an atheist lawyer, asked William Jennings Bryan, a devout and vocal politician and a Christian, a series of questions in regards to what Bryan believed to be true about the Bible. Darrow later then…

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  • John Calvin's Writing Style

    The roots for this approach were planted in the eighteenth century, but in the nineteenth century historical criticism came into its own. Grant points out that the extent and influence of historical criticism was partially determined by the setting where it was promulgated. Previously most study had been carried on in the surroundings of the church or a church-controlled school. Now the scene shifted to the…

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  • Orthodox Belief In The 19th Century Essay

    nineteenth-century thought, and the writers of the age sought to come to terms with all the implications of this redefinition. Two areas of scientific application that had deep impact upon religious belief were evolutionary theory and German higher criticism. Evolutionary theory was one of the forces that posed a major threat to established belief in the nineteenth century. The concept of evolution was not, however, new to the Victorians. Evolutionary theory was anticipated early in the…

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