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  • Jackals Short Story

    runs. The Spectre still has to travel to him though, so that the canine is not away from his den too long. He is a moderately old Reaper, but, unlike many of the others, he has not focused much on learning to change forms, and he is, in fact, only truly comfortable in two forms: human and crocodile. He has always lived along the Nile, first as a fisherman, which is how he met his demise at the jaws of the very creature he has come to transform into these days. However, it hasn 't been terrible, this in-between of life and death with its ironic manifestation; Sobek still holds sway in the backs of the locals ' minds, and he has been offered food more often than he has been threatened in all his years patrolling the river as a “living” representation of the great Crocodile “God”. He finds himself smirking; the “Gods” have never really been such, but rather have been Reapers themselves. Back in the times of Sobek and Anubis and the lot, Harvesters often revealed themselves to people, from relatives to former enemies, and their new-found powers and abilities often lent to their depictions; Sobek often took reptilian forms, his most frequently used and well-known being that of the Nile crocodile, while Anubis took on canines such as the jackal, desert fox, and, occasionally, one of the rare wolves in the general area. Many Reapers choose animal forms that match creatures within their territory, even if they primarily use altogether different beasts for their main symbol. It isn…

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  • Tomistoma Crocodiles Essay

    The Tomistoma crocodile “estimate is less than 2500 mature individuals, with continuing decline of at least 25% within 5 years or two generations.”(TomistomaTomistomaschlegelii, Bezuijen). The crocodiles are becoming extremely vulnerable and unfortunately, they do not mate as much as they should. Because of this, our group believes that if we extract the pheromones of a male Tomistoma and place it around the enclosure then the other male crocodile will want to mate with the female because the…

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  • Alligators And Crocodiles Essay

    Difference between Alligators and Crocodiles” Plenty of people confuse the alligators and crocodiles, as they are both large, scaly animals of prey. What most people do not think of is that while they are very alike in some ways, they are two extremely different, yet super frightening hunters. Both of these reptiles are members of the reptilian family Crocodylia, however they are from two different families. There are a sum of 25 types of crocodilians (belonging to the Crocodylia family),…

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  • The Monkey And The Crocodile Analysis

    The Monkey and the Crocodile A monkey named Raktamukha lived on a Jamun tree in the dense forests of India. The monkey was happy in his life spending most of the time jumping around on trees. This Jamun tree was on banks of a river which was home to a crocodile named Karalamukha. Karalmukha used to come on the banks and gradually he and the monkey became very good friends. Few days past, and their friendship grew stronger. Raktmukha used to pluck fruits from the tree and used to give it to…

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  • Crocodiles Research Paper

    2. Crocodile products are used in the fashion industry to make leather products such as bags, belt and shoes. Crocodile products are also used in the food industry for there meat. The medical industry also uses crocodile products for products such as creams and oils due to there sought after fat. Crocodile fat has also been used as fuel for cars. Activity 2: 1.1 Breathing in living organisms, the taking in of oxygen and the release of energy and carbon dioxide after carbohydrates are broken…

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  • Crocodile Vs Alligator

    Left nearly unchanged for over 240 million years, crocodiles, alligators, and other crocodilia are basically our version of modern day dinosaurs (Graaf). Both lay eggs, both are territorial predators, and both are enormous reptilian animals. Yet despite their numerous similarities they differ in a few significant key area that it’s no wonder that they are commonly confused for one another. Although crocodiles and alligators are part of the same reptilian order, they are different due to they’re…

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  • Juxtaposition In Crocodile Dundee

    Crocodile Dundee and Paul Hogan's commercial utilise dialect, props and characterisation to add to mistaken and deluding thoughts regarding Australia. Dialect is utilised to express the solid Australian inflection and the familiarity of Australians through slang. The utilisation of props helps to create the notorious picture of Australian ways of life, for example, a great bushman in a disconnected town in the outback, or everyone cherishes the shoreline and knows how to surf. Characterisation…

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  • In The Sea There Are Crocodiles Sparknotes

    In The Sea There Are Crocodiles is a realistic fiction book. That was written by Fabio Geda who is an Italian writer that took on a kids story of his life as a refugee.The main character, Enaiat, is a refugee fleeing from his home country, Afghanistan in order to survive. A war had broken out in his country, the Taliban were against anyone who was Hazara, that includes Enaiat.Enaiat teaches the reader that there are many obstacles in a refugee’s life, so we should help by supporting them,…

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  • In The Sea There Are Crocodiles Summary

    He lost friends, he met kind people and finally at the age of 15 years old, he managed to get political asylum in Italy. After learning Italian, he also met Fabio Geda, an Italian novelist who writes about children under duress. His story is now told through the book “In the Sea, There are Crocodiles” published in 2010. Enaiat managed to get a happy ending, but there are still many currently suffering in Afghanistan, as well as other parts of the world. The Hazara People in Afghanistan amount…

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  • Narrative In Wildlife Program: The Crocodile Hunter

    Narrative in wildlife program - The Crocodile Hunter “I reckon that’s a big one.” I whispered with glee while skipping on a treacherous trail I created with sofa pillows, staring intently at an imaginary crocodile. “Crikey!” I shouted as the imaginary crocodile leapt at me with wide-open jaws. Without any hesitation, I jumped on it and wrestled it as though my life depended on it. After minutes of wild trashing, I emerged victorious, subduing the ferocious crocodile with my bare hands. “That…

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