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  • Knowledge Audit Analysis

    The eight phases of conducting an audit There are eight possible phases in conducting an audit. These phases include, preliminary phase, the learning day, measurement criteria, audit interviews, development of knowledge maps, the feedback event, implementation plan development and Implementation (Burnett…

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  • Case Study: The Cost Of Data Collection Methods

     The costs of the data collection methods discussed. Data collection methods Costs Selected data collection method 1: focus groups $10,000 Selected data collection method 2: one-on-one interviews in person or by telephone $5,000 Selected data collection method 3: use of questionnaires and other tools by staff to record data about enterprise activities $3,000 Total costs $18,000  Your recommended options for collecting and analysing the data, including a consideration of the costs of data…

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  • Maryland Vs Buie Case Study

    Amendment rights had been violated by the officers conducting the search. The trial court dismissed the claim made by Buie, finding that the officers acted within reasonable measures to protect themselves from an attack.…

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  • Reflection On Safe And Effective Nursing Practice

    studies they may need. I have been conducting focused patient assessments depending on their chief complaint. For example, the patient complains of chest pain I have been asking OLD CART, obtaining vitals, EKG, auscultating heart and lung sounds. I have also responded appropriately to worsening patient conditions such as raising the head of the bed when they are having trouble breathing and applying oxygen when their O2 sats start lowering. I have also…

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  • Family Interview Reflection

    During the interview, the home environment was quiet with no distractions which made it appropriate for an interview. By conducting the interview within the family’s home, I also got a look at interactions among family members and to look at the status of the home and neighbourhood. Melissa, being a Licensed Practical Nurse, was knowledgeable and understood many of the chronic…

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  • Military Training Process

    Soldiers especially because you have to always remember that you will always have Soldiers joining and leaving your unit which affects your readiness level. Another principle to focus on is training adaptable leaders in your unit. This means that when conducting training, make the conditions tough and ever changing so that the leaders in your unit have to always be thinking on their feet. This will make them learn to adapt to any situation which is key because the operational field is going…

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  • Microstrip Patch Antenn Antenna Theory Of Analysis And Design

    The most common conducting materials that can be used for the patch is gold or copper. The feed lines and the radiating patch are usually embedded on the dielectric substrate by using photo etching process. Due to fringing fields induced between the patch edges by various…

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  • Self-Report Fatigue

    Researchers must be very careful when conducting research, especially when explaining the results of the study. Research may directly influence changes in policy, practices and behavior. The research may, in more subtle ways, change people’s knowledge, understanding and attitudes towards social issues. Many issues can arise when conducting studies. The primary concern is the safety and protection of the research participants. Protecting the participants will mean conducting a full risk analysis…

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  • Maxwell's Characteristics: The Basic Laws Of Hydrodynamics

    magnetohydrodynamic phenomena are a consequence of the mutual interaction of the fluid flow and the magnetic field. As is well known, a conductor crossing magnetic field lines gives rise to an induced electric field, which causes an electric current in the conducting fluid. The following are the Maxwell,s equations ∇⋅D = ρcf ∇⋅B = 0 ∇×E = −∂B ∂t ∇×H = J f + ∂D ∂t…

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  • American Military Characteristics

    war, Mexico was in debt after recently gaining its independence from Spain, because of its debt, the newly founded country was no longer to offer healthy trade with the surrounding Indian tribes. One of these tribes, the Comanche, retaliated by conducting raids throughout the Mexican country side leaving destruction everywhere they went. United States believed that Mexico was incompetent in handling the surrounding Native American tribes so seizing the state appear to be the best course of…

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