Post Project Process Analysis

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1.4 Explain the Key Stages involved in the Process of Closing Down the Project and Conducting Post Post-Project Appraisals (AC 1.4)
Different key elements involved for conducting post project appraisals include:
1. Assurance that all dues and charges have been collected from clients.
2. Assures that different due payments for sub-contractors and technological equipments have been compensated.
3. Facilitates the documented performance evaluation and assessment for each individual of the project team.
4. Arrangement and conducting meetings after project is over.
5. Facilitates the conversation and veneration.
6. Conducting meetings through individual team members and group meeting with the whole project team, and meeting is conducted as
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Termination of Project through Extinction: Under this type of project closure, the termination of project takes place when either the project has been completed successfully or it has accomplished all it goals and objectives therefore closed out or it is also possible that project has been failed totally therefore needed to be suspended (Darren, 2012).
2. Termination by Addition: The project is terminated by addition when the project is incorporated into the routine activities of organization. The project initiated to develop MIS and online reservation system for Palm Tree Spa would be terminated by addition as once such system has been developed and it will be no longer remain the project but output of project i.e. the management information system has become integrated part of organization.
3. Termination by Integration: The project is terminated through integration when the resources of projects being used in it are made as part of organization. These resources may be distributed to different departments and other parts of organization wherever they are required to be used for routine tasks. The project of Palm Tree Spa is therefore terminated by integration if it is decided to keep the resources of project within the
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Administrative Closure: Is type of project closure when the project has been closed formally and properly after it achieves the desired deliverables, by taken certain administrative steps (Ellen & Steve, 2008).
Stages of Project Closure:
As mentioned, the project closure is process therefore is comprised of number of steps, which in case of project of Palm Tree Spa are summarized as under.
1. Schedule and Budget Management i.e. to ensure that budget and schedules have been met.
2. Risk Mitigation i.e. to mitigate or avoid any sort of risk at the time of closing project.
3. Performance evaluation i.e. the evaluation of project’s performance and performance of project team, appraising their performance and reward them accordingly.
4. Payments i.e. to make all payments that are relevant and are remained due.
5. Identify the Satisfaction of Stakeholders i.e. to ensure that all the associated stakeholders have been satisfied and desired outcomes have been achieved (Alan & Ann, 2007).
6. Arching Documents i.e. to ensure all relevant documents have been archived, associated with project safely stored so that they can be retrieved for future

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