Microorganism Lab Report

Materials and method
Microorganisms are classified in to the three domains of life. The organism that is predominately found in our environment is bacteria closely followed by archaea and eukaryote. Although, microorganism might seem similar, they are different interims of their structures, biochemical composition, and the habitat they adopt. Conducting an extensive test on microorganism has many benefits. We can protect our self’s from different types of infectious disease.
In the unknown microorganism label experiment we were given eight different types of microbes on an agar plate. Using the biochemical testes, we were asked to determine the identity of the microorganism. The first step in conducting a successful lab research is taking
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The isolated colonies of the bacteria appeared to have grown and they were approximately 0.2 cm average in length. When I observed their visual appearance they were blurred Wight in color with a transparent slime layer placed on top of the white dotes. After taking notes on the physical appearance of the bacteria’s, a gram stain was conducted on the isolated bacterial sample. The stain process is extremely essential because it separates the bacteria in two groups of gram positive and negatives bacteria’s .in addition, the gram stain shows the color, shape, size, and morphology of the bacteria. In order to narrow our search for unknown microbe, acid fast, spore and capsule stain were …show more content…
The D4 bacterial microbe was negative for the presence of capsule. The gram negative bacteria’s like Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Serratia marcescens,and Saccharomyces cerevisiae had capsules .However, only one of the gram negative bacteria’s Proteus vulgaris had no capsule on its surface. Finally, an acid fast stain was conducted to the unknown bacterial and it showed negative results. In conclusion, the microscopic testes showed that the most logical choice for the unknown bacteremia was Proteus vulgaris. However, conducting more biochemical test on the unknown bacteria will further prove that

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