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  • Pros And Cons Of Cybercrime

    However, the internet and computer can be used in negative ways, which can have destructive impact on societies. Cybercrime is a threat against different organisations and people who computers connected to the internet and particularly mobile technology. Cybercrime can be defined as a type of crime committed by cybercriminals who use a computer as a tool and the internet as a connection in order to reach a variety of objectives such as fraud, illegal downloading…

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  • Assignment 3: Target Data Breach

    occurred, where Target lost the credit and debit cards of over 40 million customers, along with the personal information of 70 million customers. It all started right before Thanksgiving on November 27, when someone installed malware in Target’s security and payments system that was designed to steal every credit card used at the company’s many stores throughout the United States. When a shopping item was scanned and the cashier processed the credit card number, the malware would apprehend the…

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  • Mobile Security Case Study

    Security risks involved in building a mobile application The mobile devices are able to handle all the tasks that were accessed by the personal computers, from texting, calling, video conferencing, browsing too many other activities. The increase in the number of mobile users has forced the companies and the business to make their mobile presence in the industry. Apart from the business details and information, the information about the customer or the partner is also shared in the app, so it…

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  • Internet Privacy Report

    Barack Obama, throughout our nation’s history, people were spied on for the sake of national security. He claims that people who are not a threat to national security were not spied on (Obama). Not only is it a possibility that the government is spying on its own people, but the internet and certain corporations are gathering data on its users. When a user…

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  • Spy Cameras: Who's To Blame?

    needs is a working SIM card. A decent alternate to a LoJack method of preventing car theft. It is a fantastic spy surveillance thing for kids that are debilitating. To have the ability to monitor 1's kids, ensuring of the complete whereabouts and security. Additionally, it's definitely a…

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  • The Internet Is A Surveillance State By Bruce Schneier Summary

    and persuasive examples from his work experience to share his thoughts and beliefs on a subject that not everyone is aware of, but the ones who do are usually chilled by it. This paper will analyze Schneier’s article from his view as an American security technologist, cryptologist, and author of “Liars and authors: Enabling the trust society needs to provide” (2012). The introductorily section of Bruce Schneier’s article states three specific examples of how the internet is…

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  • Edu Corp's Employee Policy Analysis

    Corp relies on its elite employee base to conduct company operations on a daily basis. With the growing concerns of privacy and security, Edu Corp has created a detailed, structured policy in order to preserve the security, integrity, and efficiency our employees, along with Edu Corp’s customers and digital assets. In select industries or businesses, the integrity and security awareness of a company’s employees are critical for safe, successful, and efficient operations (Prince, 2015). As a…

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  • Vulnerabilities And Threats

    of defining and analyzing the threats to personals, organization and government agencies posed by potential natural or human-caused adverse events. A risk analysis aids to integrate security program with the company 's goals and requirements. It also helps the company to assign a suitable budget for an effective security program and its components. After a company recognizes the significance of assets and the likely threats to be exposed, it can make good decisions on the amount of effort…

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  • Social Security Threats

    exposed online. This could be preventing if the system was tested carefully, which is what happened to Samsung newest smartphone when thousands of people reported the phone was busted into fire. Issue 1 Source In fiscal year 2013, United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) received a notification listed cyber incidents from major agencies and it was found that these major agencies did not consistently…

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  • Tron Legacy Analysis

    arcade. Sam discovers a hidden computer in the basement of the arcade that ends up teleporting him into a virtual reality that his farther had created for…

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