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  • Betrayal In Arthur Rivier's Heroes

    Betrayal is a very present element in Heroes. The plot revolves around deceit. It was present before the story even began. The sate, Marie-Blanche Touraine, Larry LaSalle and Francis himself are each betraying someone in the story. The state is betraying young men by not telling them what really awaits them at war. Instead, it encourages boys to enlist to defend their country. The state even accepts people who are too young to enlist in the army : “ ‘They were taking anybody with a heartbeat in…

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  • Case Analysis Of Societe Generale

    One of the internal control deficiencies that found in Societe Generale is the incapability of back office in detecting and inspecting the fraud activities. Based on the case study, we know that the back office staffs are unaware about the responsibilities to disclose the abnormal or significant transaction to their supervisor, because it is not specifically stated in their job description. Besides that, even though the back office staffs have discover some abnormal transactions that may cause…

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  • Faud Case Analysis: Rita Crundwell's 'Fraud'

    Fraud Case Analysis Rita Crundwell started working for the City of Dixon’s finance department as a high school student, but she eventually became the city’s treasurer and comptroller in 1983. Seven years after her appointment, she began a twenty-two-year fraud scheme that enabled her to embezzle approximately $54 billion dollars from the taxpayers she was serving. To embezzle the municipality’s funds unnoticed, Crundwell discretely opened a bank account at the Fifth and Third Bank…

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  • Why Is Safekeeping Important In Research

    According to the Webster dictionary, the meaning is the freedom from unauthorized intrusion: state of being let alone and able to keep certain especially personal matters to oneself. Unfortunately, employees don’t place a high regard on the security of an individual’s personal information which causes a decrease in their intrinsic value. Which means this will touch on the moral side of principles, their behavior is the problem in all these cases, leaving unattended passwords, rooms unlocked…

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  • False News, And Information Literacy By William Badke: Article Analysis

    In the article “Post-Truth, False News, and Information Literacy” by William Badke he talks about fake news. Badke tells us how the digital age has made it easier for people to believe fake news. He explains why the internet should have filters and be controlled. Badke goes on to say because of so many false hoods people develop a “World view.” That their view is based on what they deem true. Even if facts prove otherwise. Badke says that there are so many voices out there. Each one telling us…

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  • Dave Egger's 'The Circle': An Analysis

    The Circle’s Warning: A Machiavellian Approach to Mass Surveillance Dave Eggers' s The Circle serves as a warning to its readers against modern-day society's reliance on social media and the virtual world of the internet. The book introduces Mae Holland, a young ambitious woman who has the opportunity of a lifetime to work for The Circle Company. The Circle's innovations such as the SEECHANGE cameras permit anyone visual access to any place at any time. Eventually, these cameras are used by Mae…

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  • Digita Insider File Deletion Case Study

    mention the challenges that it presents. Individuals and organizations rely on information technology for such issues as communication. Despite instituting measures to ensure data security, breaches usually occur. Left unaddressed, these breaches could devastate any organization. For instance, Yahoo recently reported that a security breach had allowed hackers to obtain the personal details of millions of users (Moritz & Womack, 2016). Investor panic was the result of this breach. The case of…

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  • Oryx And Crake Critical Analysis

    Claim: In the novel, Oryx and Crake, Margaret Atwood writes about a post-apocalyptic wasteland that the main character Snowmen faces. In the text she warns that if we control knowledge, value technology above all else, and refuse to tolerate critical thinking in education systems or in society at large, the world as we know it could be in danger. Many things in the novel support this theme including, controlling knowledge and its effects on society, valuing technology above arts and literature,…

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  • Nt1330 Unit 1 Assignment 1

    comes to security, especially in the medical field, the implementation of effective security policies should be the organization 's top priority, for it protects the safety and well-being of both business and patient. The policies formulated must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), in order to enforce patient confidentiality and avoid any legal issues. In order to protect both physical and cyber security, policies should overview acceptable computer use,…

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  • The Vulnerability Of Information Security And Social Media

    RESEARCH TOPICS • The vulnerability of information security and social media. This topic is going to be used to show the reader the different kinds of vulnerability that is placed on information security when using social media. Many people do not realize how much someone can find out about yourself solely from social media. Social media has captured the world’s interest, but also the interest of hackers. • Possible threats to personal security when using social media. Many people are daily…

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