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  • Examples Of Misperceptions Of Interpersonal Communication

    Competent Communication and Misperceptions Even though there are many communication problems or challenges the world faces today there are many things that can be done to help make everyone better communicators. One of the problems of Interpersonal Communication is misperceptions because there is a lot of external and internal noise present in today's society and not everyone comes from the same education, background or culture First, a bigger problem of interpersonal communication is…

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  • Airtel Secure Case Study

    application has been launched to give a head on competition to the new market entrant Jio security. Features offered by Airtel secure are more competitive than the Jio security. Airtel partnered with OneAssist pvt. Ltd. To provide support for accidental damage happened to the handset. Besides this Airtel also provides features such as malware protection, theft, and web protection, they partnered with Norton Mobile Security application to make this happen. Telecom companies can also monetize…

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  • The Pestel Analysis Of IKEA

    PESTEL analysis is a strategic analytical tools used to survey the effect of outer elements on organizations. The acronym remains for political, financial, social, mechanical, natural and lawful variables influencing organizations. Clarify that organizations have little and no impact over variables inside PESTEL system; in any case, they can create procedures to wipe out or if nothing else to minimize negative impacts of these components. Additionally, PESTEL examination can reveal an insight…

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  • Case Study: Monsoon (Films) Ltd.

    1. When a company is used as sham or façade. The company was incorporated and used as a “mask” to conceal the real purpose of the company controller. Incorporation is always been used as a device to circumvent the law of the hide the true side of affairs from the court (Woon, 1988). In the case of Re FG (Films) Ltd, a film called “Monsoon” was made by FG Films. This company had registered office but does not have premises and employees. All the facilities and the finance were provided by an…

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  • Case Analysis Of Airtel

    Introduction The focus on supply chain management in the telecom sector has been imperative in the past few years with companies struggling to achieve profitability. The unique aspect about this industry is that it straddles both manufacturing and services together. It involves the production of mobile handsets, establishment of networks and service delivery. Moreover, the technical specifications of handsets have a wide range. Also, since the telecom industry has been globalized for long,…

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  • Differences And Disadvantages Of Cryptocurrency

    1. Introduction 1) Hook: The comparison of the cryptocurrency and the physical currency has been a topic of interest in the recent times. 2) Research Question: What are the significant differences between cryptocurrency and physical currency that would guide the businesses to choose one over the other in their transactions? Which is the best type of currency in the modern business environment? 3) Thesis Statement: The trend of transactions in different markets is changing rapidly. The primary…

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  • Security Countermeasures

    maintain control of the power systems. Several security protocol methods are required to combat the imminent threats that loom. Encryption mechanisms afford further security to communication channels making access difficult. Limited access within the infrastructure staff will reduce system compromise liability besides forcing password renewal on rotating frequencies. Technological advances in the biometrics field incorporated into the security access protocol will undoubtedly offer robust…

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  • Hazard Identification Nvq

    First is hazard identification. This is the process of examining each work area and work task for the purpose of identifying all the hazards which are “inherent in the job”. Work areas include but are not limited to machine workshops, laboratories, office areas, agricultural and horticultural environments, stores and transport, maintenance and grounds. Second is risk identification, once a hazard to health and safety has been identified, the risk associated with that hazard must be examined. As…

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  • Sexting Persuasive Speech

    Before you embark on sexting, you need to take serious precautions. In 2014, hundreds of thousands of Snapchat photos were leaked online in a leak dubbed the ‘Snappening’. In the same year, hundreds of celebrity photos were also leaked. This underlines the importance of taking precautions before sending any nude, or semi nude photos online. These precautions cannot guarantee that your images will never be leaked. However, you are more secure than not taking precautions at all. In fact, if you…

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  • Microchips Disadvantages

    Microchips are smaller than regular sized chips and typically can do the same amount of work, if not more. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a regular chip is “a small wafer of semiconductor material that forms the base for an integrated circuit.” (dictionary) Although microchips seem like a better way to go, there are a few minor complications in this idea, such as the complexity of the circuits, the cost of the materials to make produce it and the function that is required of this…

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