Voda Case Study

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I’ll be using TWO main models to assess VODAFONE CSR practices.
1. Grey oven Adams – 7 ethical stances
2. Jonson and scholes
Grey Owen and Adams ethical stances
I believe mostly listed or public interest entities like VODA have a social ecologist approach towards sustainable practices. Even if we assess VODA sustainable practices it weighs upon social and environmental activities like education, health, smart working, child safety, human rights, environmental footprint etc. In terms of its social sustainable practices VODA could be illustrated as follow:
Social sustainable practices
VODA defines in its vision to focus upon improving people livelihood and quality of
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Thus VODA ensure that parents are effectively consulted and their risks are taken into account for ensuring a safe internet usage or younger teenagers etc. (Vodaphone Sustaiability report , 2013/14)
In terms of our people – the graphical smart art illustrate summary of activities carried out under our people by Vodafone.
(Vodaphone Sustaiability report , 2013/14)
Economic sustainability activities
In terms of environmental sustainability, VODA, activities are illustrated
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VODA, Orange and Deutsche telekom to assess which company place better emphasis of sustainability on its website. In my personal observation each of the website for sustainability was very attractive with very picture oriented to depict company’s corporate social responsibility practices. However I found VODA very better organized in terms of putting in their activities with appropriate sections covering each of VODA sustainability practices. In Orange case the website was very graphical with lots coming in front in first go causing a bit of distraction what to chose. Thus is my personal view I found VODA to be more professional in way of putting sustainability practices on website with balance of narrative and graphical whereas in case of Orange and Deutsche website had more graphical analysis with less narrative sustainable

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