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  • Strict Dress Codes

    Effects of Uniforms and Strict Dress Codes on Schools Throughout the last half-century, dress codes and uniforms in schools have been a big topic of debate. They were introduced in many urban schools to help stop the rise of gang affiliation and in private schools to help create an inclusive environment for students. Implementing dress codes and uniforms were not always welcomed, as some students and parents feel that dress codes force every child to fit into a mold and take away the right of a…

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  • Student Dress Codes

    Dress codes, in today’s society, have been an increasing topic with all of the different fashion trends that have been going around, and whether or not they are all school appropriate. Dress codes in schools should be enforced because it improves most of the students academics, safety, and attitude. Dress codes are proven to increase a students academics. Many schools with strict dress codes, believe that the students who are well-dressed are more likely to perform well in the classroom…

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  • Hammurabi Code History

    Hammurabi’s code has a significant effect on not only laws going back to ancient times, but also on the modern day laws. Although not word for word, pieces of this code are incorporated into modern society. The American code of laws and judicial system is based on many of the same principles of Hammurabi’s code. The United States Supreme Court building built in 1935 actually shows Hammurabi as one of the historic law givers that are on the wall of the court room. ( One of the…

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  • Mandatory Dress Codes

    Dress codes are created for varieties of different reasons. Some places should have them such as more professional work environments; but places such as casual work environments and schools should not. There shouldn't always be a dress code in tact, but places should always have boundaries on what is acceptable for people to wear. In my opinion, more professional jobs should require dress codes. Depending on the type of job, people should only have to follow a dress code if it is…

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  • Code Of Conduct In Nursing

    and create our own beliefs based off what we feel was right or wrong with what we were taught growing up. These newly learned beliefs now become the foundation of our personal code of conduct. Although morals, and code of conduct are closely related the simple difference is that not only knowing right from wrong, but in are code of conduct we attach the ability to conform to the social norm of our surroundings in our organization. As stated in Electrophysiological Precursors of Social…

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  • Dress Code Pros

    School dress codes can have many uses. The policy can also improve the institute in many aspects. It can also make students comfortable around other students and prevent teasing. On the other hand, some people believe that students need to be able to adapt and the policy is not helping at all. The dress code can have beneficial impact on the school. The school dress code can improve many aspects of the school. According to the article “ Pros and cons of school dress code “ by Wayne Steffen…

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  • Regulate Dress Code

    the school dress code whether it be students or parents, but there is only one side to choose. To begin with one reason why they can regulate the dress code is because students can go to school with a distracting hair do. Another reason why they can regulate the dress code is because if they wear inappropriate clothing. The inappropriate clothing and the distracting hair do will affect the other students in many ways that is why the school has the right to regulate the dress code. So yes the…

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  • Navajo Code Talkers

    1945 implemented the use of the navajo code talkers. Without these key battles the War in the Pacific would undoubtedly have been lost, and therefore would have crippled the Allies fight against the nation of Japan. The training for the Code Talkers was fairly quick, only lasting about eight weeks, after The Commanding General of the United States claimed that the Navajos language would be “admirably suited for rapid, secure communication”. The first 29 Code Talkers were quickly shipped out to…

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  • Unfair Dress Codes

    Peggy Orenstein. This is relevant because most females in schools are subjected to unfair dress codes, making them more self conscience about their appearance and not allowing them to freely express themselves. In schools dress codes are biased toward teenage girls. More females are sent out of class in a month than the number of boys in a year. Boys are not held to the same dress code as females. Dress codes promote rape culture and sexism towards women, teaching boys that women need to cover…

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  • Dress Code Violations

    School Dress Codes and How Administrators are Enforcing Them The nature of the problem with public school dress codes is that they teach inappropriate messages and are sexist. These codes start to form the minds of the future generations of how the human body should be looked at and what affects education. The importance of these policies is to have all students be able to be properly clothed as well as, having that conduct not affect any students chance of the best education…

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