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  • Outdated Dress Code In Schools

    Outdated Dress Code, Outdated Punishments Do you feel offended when someone bares their shoulders? How about when someone wears pajama bottoms or slippers? What if a boy has long hair, earrings, and a dress? These are just a few issues with dress code in schools. Schools are not allowing students to express themselves freely. This is an issue we must change. School dress codes are meant to keep students from being distracted, to help them learn better. While this may help little situations,…

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  • Synthesis Essay On Honor Code

    Honor codes are a set of principles in a school made to follow, to uphold an honest school environment, which can determine the integrity of a student. It is a controversial topic among students and teachers because of the student opposition of obeying rules. Honor codes should be established and maintained in a school because of the positive shift of student learning environment, student intellectual improvement, and peer relationship progression. Schools who establish an honor code that is…

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  • School Dress Code Essay

    extreme with the enforcement of dress codes that objectify the source of temptation, any female student. Since school integration in the early 20th century, school officials have attempted to facilitate the education of the students with the rules and sanctions they put in place. Many of these rules followed outdated, misogynistic principals and serve to preserve the sanctity of the male education at the cost of an “immodest” female. To require a “school-wide” dress code would imply equality in…

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  • Dress Codes In High Schools

    techniques were slightly different, their dress code rules were exactly the same, there wasn't one. Then when I transferred to the amazing town of Flower Mound Texas, I found out that the dress code here is actually enforced and very strict. Whenever I hear the term ‘dress code’ all I hear is ‘pointless’ and many more words other than it's true meaning. Now don't get me wrong, I do think there should be limits when it comes to dress codes but the dress codes in the LISD are completely…

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  • Inexplicable Dress Codes Essay

    Inexplicable Dress Codes There are many schools that currently have dress codes, some are stricter than others, but there are also some schools which do not have a dress code at all. The female’s dress code seems to lean more towards the covering up more of their body than the male’s dress code consists of. In high school sports, when a male is saw wearing a cut off with his stomach showing there is nothing said or thought about it. While if a female decides to wear a cut off with the side of…

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  • Written Law: The Code Of Hammurabi

    The Code of Hammurabi was an Ancient Babylonian uniform code of written laws enacted by King Hammurabi. It was written around 1754 B.C.E., and is one of the oldest intact forms of written law (Johns, 2008). It has 282 laws detailing a great deal about life back then, although 33 of these laws are missing today. The Code also includes extremely detailed punishments for breaking each law (Hammurabi, 1754 B.C.E.). It is written on a strong rock called diorite and is in the form of a “stele” which…

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  • Student Dress Codes Essay

    Another significant problem with student dress codes is that they are only temporary fixes to major problems such as stereotyping, bullying, violence, and substandard grades. These problems need to be faced each individually and with a specific set of instruments in order to effectively counteract the destruction these problems can cause. One must attack the seed of each problem destroying the roots to make sure said problem never occurs again. When one looks at a student and says he cannot…

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  • School Dress Code Research

    I am writing you this letter today to express my concerns with the school dress code. I am a female, senior at California High School and have been in this community all of my life. Therefore, I have witnessed many dress code regulation concerns. I personally think dress code is a good thing, if and only if it is well executed. However, when administrators and teachers only go after certain people, and not all of them, that is where my problems lie. Not only are fellow female students being…

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  • The Consequences Of The Law Code Of Hammurabi

    The Code of Hammurabi was written by the sixth king of Amorite, King Hammurabi. He was the king from 1792-1750 BCE. Hammurabi used political maneuvers, military campaigns, created new alliances, tricked the Amorites into fighting with one another and then conquered them after they used all of their resources. The kingdom blossomed over time and they even created the first ever wheel which was a big advancement for man. The law code of Hammurabi contained 282 clauses regarding legal issues. The…

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  • Rebecca Tane's The Tomorrow Code

    later that year, I loved the idea of sending short messages from the future through collected burst data through so-called quantum foam. Although this isn’t an entirely novel concept , I really savor these kinds of story lines, and as The Tomorrow Code actually has scientific merit, it’s all the more impressive. The actual nature of the impending apocalypse is also a fascinating (if, again, not entirely original) concept – the world dies a quiet death, thanks to some rhino virus-chimera…

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