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  • Dress Code Changes In School

    Changing the girl's dress code would be a highly recommended change. Also a few changes in the boy's dress code would be nice too. If we are buying the clothes we want and plan to wear what's the problem with wearing them to school. It seems like we are spending are money on only weekend clothes. Since we can't wear them during the week at school. The change in the shorts dress code is that we should be able. To wear shorts how ever short we want them to be. Without having to get…

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  • Dress Code Debate Essay

    I am writing this proposal in order to provide a solution to a major problem in school dress codes. In all public schools, the dress code is enforced to have students “dress for success.” However, school dress codes, particularly for female students, are far too strict. In most situations, when a student violates dress code, the student is removed from class and held in an office until they are able to change into clothing that better fits the schools standards, or even given detentions or other…

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  • Hammurabi Code Dbq Analysis

    thief burst through your wall and stole silver, but soon after is caught. Does he deserve to die? According to Hammurabi's Code, the thief would be pierced or hung in the hole that he entered (Document D), but is this punishment just? King Hammurabi reigned from 1792 BC to 1750 BC in Mesopotamia, he being one of the first rulers to write down a complete set of laws. His code, an accommodation of 282 laws, was inscribed on a large stone pillar called a stele (Document A). King Hammurabi strived…

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  • Uniforms Solve Dress Code

    Would Uniforms Solve Dress Code Problems? What’s wrong with being a woman in society, humans were all created the same so why are women told to hide their body for “the sake of men”? Growing up girls are told to cover up that way a man can't stare at you a certain way, and yes people have sick minds, but we’re in a school environment, we should teach boys how to “control” themselves instead. Developing years do tend to lead to feelings and changes but people still need to be respectful. Most…

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  • The Importance Of The Dress Code In Schools

    the stringent dress code that was put into effort. The fact that students’ freedom to express themselves have been taken away is very unconstitutional, especially in a country that has always promoted free speech and one’s freedom to express themselves. Neither a school administrator nor anyone else should have the right to tell a student what to wear or to look. It should not be constitutional to tell a boy to cut his hair as it does in the Perryville School District dress code, as the length…

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  • Strict Dress Codes In Schools

    board for strict dress code policy, one would think that the pro points of utilizing such policy would heavily outweigh the cons, but the piles of research that have been done on this topic may negate this idea. There are many arguments for and against the enforcement of school uniforms. The debate seems to be fairly solidly divided with half…

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  • Honor Code In High Schools

    Is the honor code working efficiently in high schools and colleges across the country? Board members and staff are questioning if students are more likely to respect an honor code if it’s pushed upon them or not. An honor code needs as much students involvement as it can receive, and is needed in many schools across the country, but it must be introduced and explained in the right way. An honor code needs to be instilled in universities and high schools, one that students respect by informing…

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  • Dress Codes In High School

    “life's too short to worry about dress codes,” is this true? A sum amount of people believe we should have dress codes in high school so it reduces bullying in school. Others say that dress codes will make high school safer for teen girls and boys. Then again people say “life's too short to worry about dress codes” this is because they believe everyone should be able to express their own style in high school. Also people believe that if there was dress codes, no one would have freedom to wear…

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  • Essay On School Dress Code

    express your unique sense of style to everyone around you. People shy away from expressing the way they want to dress since we have so many rules in school about the dress code policies. Approximately 3,328,750 people in just the United States alone get suspended each year for not only bullying and fighting but for dress code violations and expressing their sense of style whether it’s their clothing or hair. Why are principals, and teachers choosing the way people should look…

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  • School Dress Codes Essay

    School Dress Codes Should Be More Lenient Why do schools implement policies that hurt the ones it affects? School dress codes have been under fire in recent history for good reasons. Female students being “judged” for wearing leggings under their dresses, no matter how cold it is outside. Young boys being framed for the dress codes being as strict as they are. Many parents and students have taken action against these policies by creating petitions that stand up for the rights of students. Some…

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