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  • Underserved Youth Summary

    Overall, the TDP was able to achieve its primary goal of transforming youth through participating in sports with coaching mentors. Youth involved in the program found that they were able to stay focused in school and with personal goals, helping them to not participate in negative activities and be on the street. Youth were able to build strong social bonds with peers…

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  • Situational Analysis In Soccer

    Introduction: It is human nature to constantly strive for improvements in what we do and how we do things on a daily basis (Carling, et al., 2005). Soccer is no different, and many coaches are constantly looking for ways to improve their team’s performance. According to Hughes, et al. (2012) team invasion sports such as soccer provide an ideal field for analysis as they consist of a combination of individual techniques set within a team framework. Carling, et al. (2005) states correct analysis…

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  • 6-22 SWO Characteristics

    influence beyond the chain of command, communicating effectively, and building trust. All of these must be done by SWOs because this is how you get people to WANT to do the things you ask them to do. Develops describes taking a vested interest in coaching, counseling, and mentoring others. As stated previously, SWOs have an obligation to develop leaders of all ranks. Our experiences must be shared, especially with the junior WOs. Lastly, achieves is described by getting results and…

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  • Phil Jackson's Leadership Style Analysis

    epitomizes a lifelong search for excellence in him as well as in those he leads. In Jackson and Delehanty’s (2014) Eleven Rings: The soul of success, one finds and offering of anecdotes that chronicle Jackson’s career as well as insights into his coaching and leadership philosophy. As I considered these leadership lessons, there are three that struck a chord with my own sense of leadership These include, “Lead from the inside out” (p.11), “Let each player discover his own destiny” (p.13), and…

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  • Themes In The Movie Coach Carter

    It’s What Lies in Our Hearts Sportsmanship, leadership, communication and determination are a few valuable characteristics you will see in a successful team. Cockiness, attitude, arrogance and abandonation of the team, are deplorable characteristics seen in many inferior teams. In the movie Coach Carter, cockiness, attitude, arrogance and abandonation are traits the members of the team show but, no matter how hard or long it takes, Ken Carter wants to prove to them that if they are able to…

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  • Mentor Program Case Study

    Mentor Program Proposed tasks We will hire a supervisor to run the program in accordance with Trine’s hiring policy. The first step would be to hire the supervisor who would be in charge of the program and most importantly be in charge of the mentors. This is required not only to make sure everything runs smoothly but to act as a bridge between the staff and the mentors and mentees. This position will allow for easier quality control and more efficient responses to fix issues with the program as…

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  • Susan B. Irony: Overcoming Obstacles

    Pat Riley, an American professional basketball executive, once stated that “If you have a positive attitude and constantly strive to give your best effort, eventually you will overcome your immediate problems and find you are ready for greater challenges.” What he meant when saying this, was that people will surpass any challenge they are faced with and preserve to face any other obstacle. Similar to another athlete, Ralph Marston views the obstacles one faces is valid when the people involved…

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  • Essay On Mentoring

    My project will be based around my future career path of becoming an academic director for athletics. Working with student- athletes is a rewarding task for you are helping mentor them at making decisions for their future after college sports. Therefore, my leadership program will be based on formal mentoring. To me formal mentoring is preparing the mentee for the future by providing advice, guidance and support. My program will consist of a team of properly trained student-athlete alumni as…

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  • Alex Ferguson Leadership Style

    To be a great leader in sports you need to be a good communicator such as Alex Ferguson. He has great communication with the performers when they’re not doing something right, so they can improve to be a good team. He uses communication to tell the players which positions they should be at. He is also a great leader because he has a good organisation of equipment and knowledge of the game so he can teach them good training and use his own experience to coach the players. To be a good leader in…

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  • The Importance Of Peer Mentoring

    When I began college, my circumstances were different than most. I was twice the age of the average freshman, a single mom with four children at home, and domestic violence survivor. After completing most of 9th grade my ADHD reached a point I couldn’t handle the “chaos” of public school any longer, so I quit. Later I earned an adult diploma, but my confidence concerning anything related to school was non-existent. UVU has a requirement that all beginning freshmen must talk to an academic…

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