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  • The Technology Of Orgasm Summary

    The book The Technology of Orgasm begins innocently, with the author, Rachel P. Maines rifling through old needlework catalogs and magazines (Modern Priscilla) in order to prepare for scholarly documentation of needlework in the late 1800’2 and 1900’s. She stumbles upon advertisements for vibrators in this era, which leads her on a journey through the Bakken Museum located here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The book within the first chapter delves into the history and definition of hysteria.…

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  • Pain Senses Research Paper

    Senses are a vital necessity in human life. Senses consist of sight, sounds, smell, tastes, and texture. A main function of the senses is to maintain homeostasis. There are two senses; general and special. “General senses are those with receptors widely distributed throughout the body, including skin, various organs and joints” ( ,Pg. 444). “Special senses have more specialized receptors and are confined to structure in the head, such as eyes and ears”( ,Pg.444). Over time, scientists…

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  • Steroids For Substance Abuse

    According to Taylor Hooton Foundation, four bodybuilders in Pakistan have died in the last 17 days due to consumption of illegal steroids. The same medication that can treat a person for a certain condition could cause their death if used wrongly. Steroids are very dangerous drugs that if abused can cause serious health problems in the user. Steroids are prescribed for people suffering from asthma, loss of muscle mass and many other conditions, however, athletes and many others abuse it for…

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  • Essay On Olympic Drug Testing Should Be Banned

    Olympic drug testing in international athletes is a huge topic on todays Olympic games. A lot of opinions are shared and a lot of problems are to be dealt with. Performance enhancing drugs should be legal to provide better and faster healing, but anti-doping efforts should be betterly enforced for fairness of competitions and legitimacy of gold medal winnings. With the various arguments against doping or with doping, you can 't deny the fact that there are many perils of using performance…

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  • Freud's Personality Theory

    How humans respond, how humans behave, how humans are interesting to others and how humans are different to others are all influenced by a person’s personality. Personality is the tendencies within a person that influences how they respond to their environment. There are different approaches to personality. One being the nomothetic approach which focuses on identifying the general laws that are put in place for all. The other being idiographic approach that focuses on identifying unique…

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  • The Inequality Of Women In Islam

    Since almost as long as civilization of man dates back women have been treated unfairly. Women were allowed to vote after men, were and still have been discriminated against, and even get lower pay than their counterparts. But in the last few decades women have been taking a stand and fighting back. Women are now fighting to even be able to embrace their sexuality like men can. But in other cultures history has yet to change and women are more unequal than ever in the 21st century. Some say…

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  • Advantages Of Steroids Essay

    fat under the nipples causing the breast to swell. The testicles will shrink. For women the side effect are even worse including men’s patter balding, growth in facial hair and even permeant deepening of the voice. The breast may also shrink and clitoris enlarge. Other side effects are more debatable like aggression. Some steroid abusers report that they have committed aggressive acts, such as physical fighting or armed robbery, vandalism, or burglary. Some studies show that high dosage of…

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  • Steroid Research Paper

    The Ultimate Game Changer Recent studies have shown, “Most researchers estimate that 3 to 5 percent of high school age athletes and 5 to 15 of adult athletes use performance-enhancing drugs (mainly anabolic steroids). The level of anabolic steroid use among young athletes exceeds use of any drugs other than alcohol, nicotine, or marijuana” (Kuhn,Wilson, & Swartzwelder 5). Steroids can provide athletic edge to their users; although they come with disadvantages, and overall they have a menacing…

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  • Factors Influencing The Practice Of Female Circumcision In West Africa

    2.2.4 Factors influencing the practice of FGM. Different races and cultures have a variety of reasons for carrying out FGM. In West Africa, this may be related to different ethnic and tribal cultures, family relations, tribal connections, class, economic and social circumstances, and education etc. (Ahmadi &Amir, 2013). Amongst the factors that encourage families to circumcise their daughters is the family’s concern about the girl’s inability to marry if she is not circumcised (Dorkenoo, 1995).…

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  • Illegal Use Of Performance Enhancing Drugs

    to sustain an erection, and their prostate gland may enlarge. Women may also experience physical changes after using anabolic steroids. These changes consist of possible change in their voices deepening in tone, a possible enlargement of their clitoris, an increase in body hair, may experience balding, and infrequent or absent menstrual cycles. Women and men both experience some of the same changes after using these drugs. Users may experience severe acne on their skin, an increase of the…

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