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  • Problems With Relativism

    When confronted with cultural differences, people tend to ignore practices that they find unattractive. They look away not out of fear or grief, but rather confusion and conflicting thoughts. A practice found in a culture might conflict with their deepest moral beliefs. Yet people find themselves asking the question, “Who am I to say that isn 't right?” Or they will answer in defense of a conflicting culture, “That 's just your opinion.” There is an obvious discourse here. Are morals…

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  • Deca 250 Research Papers

    Deca 250 or Deca Durabolin has long been used in the world of athletics and until today, has been the most popular steroids in sports. Its fame is due to its overly high deca-durabolin- webanabolic activity. As a result, as it mass increase, so as its side effects. Also, it yields a lesser water retention, doesn’t have any effect on a person’s blood pressure and most important of all, it isn’t toxic to the liver and kidneys as most body building substances. One more notable thing about Deca…

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  • Mean Girls: Abstinence Of Sex Education In Public Schools

    vulva. Apart from the misinformation given to females about their bodies, a project called Cliteracy, which provides information on the missing part of every sex educational textbook that includes the female “vagina” anatomy, the clitoris! Not only do they discuss the clitoris but they…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Masturbation

    In 1994, the Surgeon General of the United States was dismissed from her position for suggesting that schools engage students in the explicit discussion about masturbation. When looking back, putting aside personal or religious beliefs concerning the topic, it would appear that masturbation would serve as a countermeasure against teenage pregnancy and the transmission of sex-related diseases, but when politics enters the discussion, everything rational gets tossed out the window (Canino, J. T.,…

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  • The Excretory System: A Case Study

    Briefly trace and discuss the flow of blood in the human kidney. Blood passes into the kidney through the renal artery entering the glomerulus within the Bowman’s capsule. However, when traveling into the glomerulus it is split into fifty capillaries, which has thin walls. The solutes within the blood are filtered through the thin walls by the pressure gradient exiting between the fluid in the Bowman’s capsule and blood capillaries. The pressure gradient is regulated by the dilation or…

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  • Orgasm, Inc.: Film Analysis

    consider that as the normal because of a lack of sexual education. Canner interviews Carol Queen, founder and curator of “Good Vibrations,” and she admits that many women, old and young, come into her museum of vibrators inquiring exactly where their clitoris is. These pharmaceutical companies, therefore, take misleading data, like the 43%, and use it to conclude that there is a “problem,” then they define this problem as a disease. With the help of the media and the lack of sexual education…

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  • Speech On Intersex

    you a letter in return. Congratulations on your new baby! You two are going to make wonderful parents and I couldn’t be more excited for you two! I understand that your Mini has been described as having Clitoromegaly (a fancy word for an enlarged clitoris). I know that with this new vocabulary, you want to understand more about the subject I have been studying in class, Intersex, and I would love to share my knowledge with you on the subject. Different books and doctors have slightly varying…

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  • Steroids Persuasive Speech

    44% of teens say that it is very or fairly easy for them to obtain steroids even though they don’t have a doctor’s prescription for them. There are many different ways people use/ abuse steroids, but not enough people are educated on this topic and don’t know any of the effects they have on the body. Young amature athletes are getting hurt from the lack of knowledge of steroids. Many factors go into why a teenager starts using steroids, and that’s from lack of education. Anabolic Steroids is…

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  • Glowing Triangle Position Research Paper

    The golden rule for conception is “the deeper the better”. In choosing a sexual position where the intention is to conceive, it is advisable to go for one that allows deeper penetration. On top of that, a sexual position that ensures highest orgasm definitely aids the sperm cells in their travel towards the egg cell. The contraption in the reproductive trap brought about by orgasm ensures a smooth sailing travel towards conception. Here are some sexual positions that may just do that and more.…

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  • Freud's Stages Of Gender Development

    completely get their mothers out of the way. They also identify with the mother and realize they need to be sexually pleased by a man and reproduce which is the ultimate female gratification. The girls move the spot of sexual gratification from the clitoris to the vagina, feminine, and passive tendencies are developed. Another important theory for gender development is cognitive development which is simply we form gender identity and development in our early childhood years. In this process it…

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