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  • Erotic Masturbation In Women

    Occasionally, her heel or some other object is used to press on the sensitive areas. Clitoris and labia minor are the portions of genitalia which are best supplied with the end organs of touch. Females do not masturbate by penetration of vagina, since walls of vagina are practically without nerves, although there may be some sensory nerves…

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  • Four Aspects Of Sexual Intuition

    Step 4 - Sexual Intuition There are essentially four aspects to clitoral stimulation. These four are: directness (how direct is the touch to the clitoris), pressure (how much pressure you apply to the stimulation), pace (how fast you do it) and movement (the types of movements you do). Now that you have transitioned slowly and gently and you have begun the clitoral stimuli it’s time to create a rhythm meanwhile keeping the exterior genitalia wet (either through lubricating your finger…

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  • Effects Of Female Circumcision

    includes the excision of clitoral prepuce, which is the outer layer of skin over the clitoris, also called “clitorishood”; however, the gland and body of the clitoris still remain intact. This procedure causes bleeding but actually is the least humiliating form of female circumcision. To prevent bleeding, saturation and packing around the wound would help. Type II, clidoridectomy, in which the gland of the clitoris or usually the…

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  • Summary Of She Comes First By Ian Kerner

    in 2004 by Ian Kerner, who is a sex therapist. In his book, Kerner discusses about how to pleasure a woman, mainly through oral sex. He gives the readers helpful tips and advice on how to fulfill a woman’s sexual needs and also talks about how the clitoris is so important to the success of the female orgasm. This informational book is split up into three parts with each part on a different focus. The book is very educational and will help enhance people’s sexual experiences. In the first…

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  • Examples Of Female Genital Mutilation

    Asia, Middle East, and Africa. This is a cultural practice that involves cutting off part or the entire clitoris. The wound is then stitched together, allowing to heal with a scar believed to leave a small…

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  • Essay On Female Circumcision

    are considered disposable and are thrown out if they do not meet the standards of the people buying them (Slavery Today). Female circumcision (also known as female genital mutilation) is a brutal act of altering a females reproductive organs. This practice is most common in Europe, Africa, and Asia. It is performed for cultural reasons and has no health benefits. The people who perform these procedures are the same people who help with child birth and other things like that. This procedure has…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Dress

    my pussy and anus. Elizabeth gently teased my pussy with my vibrator, and pulled back the hood of my clitoris and held the vibrator there for a few moments, and I moaned. "Please push the vibrator inside my pussy," I told her as I spread my lips, and I moaned again as I stared at the people watching her slide my vibrator inside. She gently fucked my pussy and rubbed my anus as I stroked my clitoris and rubbed my nipples. I felt overwhelming and indescribable sexual pleasure. The people watching…

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  • Similarities And Differences In The Sexual Response Cycle Between Men And Women

    Similarities and Differences in The Sexual Response Cycle Between Men and Women Edward Williams 4195352 American Public University Professor Melissa Leonhardt Abstract The human body is full of mystery and wonder that we still struggle to understand. There are differences in men and women that are obvious and others that may never be fully understood. When it comes to the sexual arousal cycle there is a lot of similarities between the sexes. There are a few differences based on the physical…

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  • Maggie: A Girl Of The Streets Analysis

    At the turn of the 20th century, public health became a prominent topic in medicine. This changed the view from what’s best for an individual’s health to what’s best for the health of a population. Case studies done in this century have a vast range of conclusions and theories in an attempt to fix societal issues. These social issues, such as masturbation, prostitution, and criminal acts, were previously assumed to be moral irregularities. Now, through the use of science and medicine, these…

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  • Neurophysiological Function

    The penis with the scrotum are part of the reproductive physical structure included in the male. Females possess the vagina with the clitoris, which are part of the female reproductive structure. Each are separate structures but the brain is involved increasingly with both the penis and vagina during sex. The connection between the vagina and penis create a variety of different reactions…

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