Female Circumcision In Western Culture

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Female Mutilation also known as female circumcision and female genital cutting is a very popular practice in many countries in Africa and also known to be practiced in The Middle East and parts of Asia. Female genital cutting is a very popular practice in the non-western world and because this is relatively unknown in western culture, the thoughts on this practice are generally always negative in response to hearing it. The way it is done and most of the time forced upon these woman and young girls highlights the real reason on why people think so negatively about it. The customs and practices in these cultures are so prominent in their daily lives that this is something that you have to do, even if you do not want it. The male dominance is these countries also puts pressure on women as they usually do not have a say and are looked down upon and seen lesser as a person and not
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Most of the people that were interviewed said they did not want it in their village and said that it was not an important part of their culture and it was popular elsewhere. The girls who said they had it done were out of curiosity and because their friends were getting it done, this sounding like a fad that many people are guilty of doing in the western world also. These girls were not forced and went voluntarily to get circumsiced, they had little knowledge about what was getting cut and if they knew what they do now they would never of went through with the circumcision. The reason mnay of them wanted the circumcision was because of the celebration you receive after you have been cut, you get to wear beautiful clothes and dance in celebration. This highlights how complex the issue is and how it can not be pigeon holed into one problem and should be looked at seperatley by region, customs, culture and so

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