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  • Intersectional Feminism In The 1920's

    “We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.” This quote was said by Malala Yousafzai, a well known feminist, who was shot in the head by the Taliban for trying to learn. She is an advocate for education, especially education for women. Contrary to popular belief feminism isn’t a new concept. It existed in the 1920’s when women fought for the right to vote. It’s deep roots run throughout history. Gone are the days of secret suffragette meetings, coat-hanger abortions, and the oddity of…

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  • Sex In Sub-Saharan Africa

    The practice is mostly prevalent in Sub-Saharan Africa. However, dry-sex practices are not limited to Africa. Afro-Surinamese women frequently use genital steam baths that contain tightening and drying herbs (van Andel, 2007; van de Wilgert, et al., 2000); Bekisnska et al., 1999;). The literature review evidences that having a real time in sexual intercourse is a desire on the part of both men and women. Women are eager to please their men regardless at times of consequences. However, due to…

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  • Identity And Discrimination In Jeffrey Eugenides Middlesex

    I endeavor to analyze what I have understood of identity and discrimination from Jeffrey Eugenides’ Pulitzer winning book Middlesex. Middlesex has developed my understanding of what I know of gender, gender identity, cultural and immigration identity, and race and discrimination but I will focus on gender identity as Middlesex concreted my view on the matter. Middlesex is a narrative told by the protagonist Cal/lie, a hermaphrodite who is raised as a girl until his adolescence when he decides…

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  • Flaws In Go Carolina By David Sedaris

    Furthermore, she painted as a person who enjoys other people’s pain. David seems to think that “had her name contained no s’s, she probably would have bypassed a career in therapy and devoted herself to yanking out healthy molars or preforming unwanted clitori...omies on the school girls of Africa,” (3). Not only is she cruel to him by pressuring him to change, but she is simply a cruel person in David’s mind. According to David, if lisps didn’t cause her to annoy children, then some other…

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  • Gender Identity In Flannery O Connor's The Great Register

    The question is why choosing the vulva and the clitoris to expand the thought of their ideology instead of using the uterus? It can be easily separated in terms of body and sex. The use of the word uterus has no place in the novel as the womb is considered a sexual binarism directed at females: “is symbolized…

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  • Conclusion Of Circumcision

    I. Circumcision The word circumcision is a medical term meaning to remove the foreskin of (a male). Circumcision is also the removal of part of the clitoris for (females). However, Circumcise first appears in the Old Testament in Genesis 17:11; God told Abram that he will be circumcised in the flesh as a way to show his covenant with the Lord. In the Old Testament circumcision was done with a sharp flint stone. It wasn’t just for the Israelites, but it also was for the foreigners and servants.…

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  • My Confessions-Personal Narrative

    Confessions Justin took things better than I had expected. He was very upset about me getting jumped, but when I explained the entire situation he agreed with me that it was probably over. I told him about some of the other things that went on in the club. I explained the private dances and the champagne room. Somehow I conveniently left out the part about Angel kissing me. I just couldn’t tell him. I don’t even think it had anything to do with worrying about Justin getting mad at me. It was…

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  • Analysis Of A Living Call By Rafael Luevano

    Intro and Thesis: In the Reading of “A Living Call” by Rafael, Luévano he depicted in Mexico the hundreds of women who have gone missing or have been murdered by men. The main cause of this is globalization, which created that NAFTA put our factories in Mexico for cheap labor. This caused women to go to these areas for jobs, but live in slums outside of the factories. Another cause is the lack of law enforcement, because most are dealing with the drug trafficking which causes them to oversee…

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  • The Importance Of The Cult Of Domesticity

    During the 19th century, middle class women’s behavior and roles were being portrayed in a certain way with the idea of the cult of domesticity. The cult of domesticity was created to give limitations to women in the private and public sphere. Women’s role was mainly in the home as caring for her family and participating in house work. Also, women had little interactions with the public because of the cult of domesticity. The cult is based on these four virtues of principles “piety, purity,…

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  • Should Student Athletes Be Drug Tested Essay

    Anabolic steroids come with several serious side effects as well. In men, they could develop; prominent breasts, baldness, shrunken testicles, infertility, impotence, and prostate gland enlargement. Women may develop; a deeper voice, an enlarged clitoris, increased body hair, baldness, and infrequent or absent periods. Not only do steroids have many physical effects, but they also have several mental and emotional effects. Steroids affect your brain, making the user more aggressive than normal.…

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