Chemical decomposition

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  • Desulphurization Of Steel Case Study

    Introduction Desulphurization of steel at ladle treatment of metal is one of the important technological operations. The successful course of the desulfurization process is provided by fire refining slag with specific chemical composition, usually based on calcium oxide. The duration of mixing of the metal with the slag in inert gas, the early formation of refining slag, then optimization of the metal oxidation providing the formation of iron oxide FeO in the slag to be less than 0.5 % able…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Chemical Vapor Deposition

    principles 2.1 Chemical vapor deposition 2.1.1 Definition of chemical vapor deposition Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is a versatile process which is widely applied to produce coatings, powders, fibers and monolithic components [1]. Applying the chemical vapor deposition, it is possible to produce alloy and compounds of metals and nonmetal materials. Chemical vapor deposition can be defined as the deposition of a solid on a heated surface from a chemical reaction in the vapor phase [2].…

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  • Investigating Chemical Reactions

    Coffactors Abstact Chemical reaction are a part of every ones life there no dening it this fact. But is there a way to increase these reations and make processed like reasperation and metablolism faster. That is exactly what cofactors are beleived to do, increasing the rate of reaction. In this experirment lactase, ONPG, EDTA, and phosphate buffer are used to determine wether or not cofactors really increase the rate of chemical reation. To measure the reaction a spectrometer will be used.…

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  • Law Of Conservation Of Mass Lab Report

    This is shown in the balanced chemical equation by the products of water and the solid copper chloride. The observation of the liquid turning clear represents the water and seeing the particles represents the precipitate. The yield of copper chloride is 1.49 grams. This demonstrates the…

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  • Liquefaction And Gasification Synthesis

    which is special for high moisture substances6. Supercritical water, which is serve as the solvent and the reactant in these reactions, mainly decreases mass transition restrictions in ambient condition water; therefore, it helps to accelerate the chemical reactions largely9. However, the vaporization of water along with raw materials is required by traditional pyrolysis and gasification method to convert high-moisture substances, which causes lowering thermal efficiency2. Recent researches have…

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  • The Importance Of Chemistry In Forensics

    through the process of a chemical is important to understand their chemical properties in order to put it in the correct container that is appropiate. This means that the temperature, pressure, and concentration must remain consistent throughout time. However, a chemical change is sometimes required in order to understand the substance better. For example, some chemicals may need to be introduced to fingerprints which may not be visible to the eye. When chemicals are added to it, it…

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  • Lab Report: Classifying Chemical Reactions

    “Classifying Chemical Reactions - Lab Report” I - Introduction - Chemistry is the study of the composition, structure, properties and change of matter. In chemistry, chemical and physical changes are used to help scientists understand how different substances react given various circumstances. A chemical change is any change resulting in the formation of a new chemical substance(s). A physical property is any change that does not involve the chemical makeup of a substance at all. In total…

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  • Light Exposure Affects Photosynthesis Essay

    a site upstream from Goomboora Park. This site will be referred to as, Site 1. Measurements from Site 1 will be analysed and compared to water qualities recorded from previous years (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015). Water is a triatomic molecule, with a chemical formula of H20. At a temperature…

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  • The Importance Of Chemistry In Daily Life

    According to the American Chemical Society, many properties of clothing ranging from color to warmth to clothing’s elasticity is the work of a textile chemist (2016). Textile chemistry allows us to create synthetic fibers to produce clothing that is finely tuned to a certain situation…

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  • The Differences Of Reaction Between Iron And Hydrogen Peroxide

    For reactions with a medium, or “one to one”, ratio of iron (II) to hydrogen peroxide, the generation of hydroxyl radicals is also observed. In this particular ratio, the presence of organics does not seem to inhibit the effectiveness of the iron catalyst, as all the iron (II) was converted to iron (III) in a series of experiments. Without the organics present, the hydrogen peroxide reformed by reacting slowly with iron (III) to produce ferric salts, which then degrade into more hydroxyl…

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