Magnesium Chloride Hydrate Lab Report

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Tyler White
CHEM151LL 13851

Mole to Mole relationship and Empirical formula of a Hydrate
The purpose of this lab experiment is to determine the molar ratio between substances, and to write chemical equations. The second experiment is to determine the ratio of water in copper, and magnesium, which is obtained through burning the vapor using the Bunsen burner.

Because the experiments were conducted online there wasn’t any use of materials, only digital ones, for these labs to be performed. Only the registration for the website was needed to perform these online labs.
Experiment 1
1. Obtain the mass of an empty 250ml beaker using the balance.
2. 200mls of silver nitrate was added to the beaker,
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A Mass of water in Hydrate sample 2.658g
B Number of moles of water in the sample 0.148g
C Mass of pure salt in the sample 2.342 g
D Number of moles of salt in the sample 0.016g
E molar ratio of water to salt in the sample 9.25 g

8. From your calculations, what is the empirical formula of magnesium chloride
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The main objective of lab experiment 2 was to determine the mass of the water that has left the compound, this was done by determining the mass of the hydrate and them minus the mass of the anhydrate which in turned gave us the mass of the water, therefore the formula can be discovered.
The main objective in these labs was to separate, and produce copper ions in solution, and then shortly after the molar mass was determined, and within the second experiment the ratio to salt was determined. There wasn’t much error, due to the experiment being in a controlled environment, or online rather, unless the wrong chemicals were selected. When the Bunsen burner is left on it is better to let it cool down prior to tossing it into the recycle bin, it would be hazardous and explode.
This experiment was a success, it was easy to see that after heating the masses changed after the water molecules were released as vapor, therefore it was a lot easier to determine what copper sulfate, and magnesium chloride actually weight was.

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