Comparing A Chemica Experiment 2-Votive Candle

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I: Introduction:
a. background information- Physical Changes are changes that do not involve a change in molecular structure. They can be identified by a change in size, a change in shape, or a change in the state of matter.
Chemical changes are changes that involve the re-arrangement of atoms in the molecule. They can be identified by a color change, if a new gas is given off, if a precipitate or new solid forms, and if light, electricity, or heat is given off.
b. observations- The observation that was made was that there was going to be many different experiments set up. Each of the experiments that were going to be set up would have a chemical change or physical change take place.
c. purpose-The purpose of this experiment is to find out how to differentiate a
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Light the Bunsen Burner and then use the tongs to put the magnesium ribbon into the flame. Do not look at the ignited flame because the intensity of the flame could burn the retina in the eyes. Then you pull the magnesium ribbon out of the flame.
2 Mg(s) + O2(g) = 2MgO(s)
Experiment 2- Wear goggles and apron at all times. Light the candle with the matches. Put the water into a bowl. Wait for 60 seconds and then blow out the candle. Pour the candle wax into the bowl of water.
Experiment 3- Wear goggles and apron at all times. Put the 60 milliliters of water into the 150 milliliter beaker. Measure 1.0 grams of zinc powder on the digital balance with weighing paper. Put the zinc powder into the water and stir it with a wooden stirrer. Add a piece of Aluminum foil into the water and observe.
3CuCI2(aq)+ 2AI(s) =

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