Chymopapain Essay

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1 enzyme Enzymes are biological catalysts. A protein compound Energy can reduce the carbon reaction. Enzymes to accelerate specific types of reactions. And the kind of substance that reacts.
2.1.1 catalysis of enzymes E is a catalyst (enzyme). S is a precursor called chop, nitrates and substance P is a product.
E + S ---------------> E S ---------------> E + P. Complexometry
2.1.2 Factors affecting the enzyme. 1) What type of controlled substances to an enzyme reaction. 2) the concentration of nitrates chop, change the rate of reaction of the enzyme. 3) the concentration of the enzyme by changing the reaction rate of the enzyme. 4) the acid - base solution. Most enzymes will
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He believes that human health. And immunization Lane Brody, demand has increased even more.

2.3 Papain

Papain is an enzyme in papaya latex. This usually consists of a strong, is the fourth kind is Proteolytic enzyme Papain, Chymopapain A and B and Papaya peptidase A by Chymopapain. An enzyme found in papaya latex, followed by Papain, which is approximately 10 percent lower than the strains that can produce papaya latex is high. Champa black and black varieties, guests will find papaya latex in the leaves, stems and fruit, which is used to cut the tires used for papayas. For industry
2.3.1 Benefits of "papain" in the industry.
1) industrial products, beer, wine and other beverages will be served by papain dissolved protein in the product.
The solution is clear and not cloudy or longer when stored at low temperatures.
2) the production of meat and fish to make the meat soft and tender when the cooking.
3) in the pharmaceutical industry and the medical benefits of the drug using a digestive aid.
It also helps heal wounds infected because they papain with blood clotting and can also be used to kill parasites in the gut with it.
4) in the tanning industry by mixing papain in liquid immersion film to make a

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