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  • Ip4 History

    The protocol for the internet, the current one is ip6 which allows for 128^2 ip addresses for us to use, was developed by several people at cern Switzerland. Even though it might be the newest protocol being used it’s not the most common and it’s quite old. Ip4 is used by 94 percent of networks and computers as of now and ip6 was developed all the way back in 1998 with a mobile revision in 2004. Berners lee is considered the father of the world wide web and he created it actually just for physicists to share extraneous amounts of data more easily. He wanted to create a common ground for computers to use and share data, and he did just that. Today the internet, in my eyes, is controlled chaos. It’s composed of billions of computers and networks all working together and sharing data and somehow thanks to brilliant engineers, physicists, computer scientists,…

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  • Higgs Boon Essay By Nicola Racape

    Higgs struggled to prove his theories as the Higgs boson particle is extremely unstable so it would constantly collapse into smaller particles almost as soon as it was created. So, the scientist faced an extra problem due to the fact not only that they had to create the particle but detect it directly before it collapsed. Mr. Higgs came up with a proposal to infer the presence from the smaller particles (by construction a giant particle accelerator located on the Swiss-French border CERN…

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  • Analysis Of Run Boy Run

    The book's theme song would be “Run Boy Run” which reflects how we do unimaginable or crazy things when being threatened. The song illustrates a boy running, in the book the boy would Robert or the Catholics doing things that seemed crazy. In the novel Robert does things he never would’ve thought he would do. Because of this “Run Boy Run” would best fit for a theme song. The eerie and dark song “Secret” by the Pierces reflects the book's sinister mood. Like the book, it has images of death and…

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  • Antimatter Argumentative Essay

    Really, it isn't as bad as many think. At CERN (the main producer of antimatter) their storage capacity for antimatter when full couldn’t even give off as much energy as a calorie in food. As of right now, CERN could not make enough antimatter at a time to cause a big explosion. The only problem is what if CERN want to mass produce antimatter in the future and use it for various tasks? They would have to try to find a way to contain the antimatter using magnets for a longer period of time and…

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  • Modern Science Vs Big Science Essay

    Coincidentally, CERN also became a major contributor to the development of the World Wide Web in its earliest stages. Computer scientist Robert Cailliau and Tim Berners-Lee first proposed the use of hypertext and its protocols, with CERN providing the necessary host servers. They envisioned that scientists all over the world could collectively contribute and gather information from these host servers. Certainly, the simple argument that big science itself contains unscientific goals cannot…

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  • Disadvantages Of Spirit Science

    psychological effects. Due to these effects, and since it is a natural process, Kundalini can be studied and measured just as any other area of science. Learn more about the Kundalini experimental projects or works and how it will assist in your own process of personal growth. Countries like India, enjoy from Kundalini knowledge and also the welfare. Thi is one of the discovery that changed science and School system programs in middle oriented even though, the lifestyle in that part of the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Human Space Travel

    corona [10]. It has an average velocity of 400 km/s throughout the entire solar system [10]. Its density is about 5 particles per cubic centimeter at Earth [10]. Because solar wind contains high energy charged particles, it can cause genetic mutations and cancer [11]. In order to protect ourselves from this flurry of ions, our craft is equipped with an M2P2. This creates a magnetic field imbedded in plasma, making a personal magnetosphere for the ship [12]. There are also galactic cosmic rays,…

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  • Galileo And The Murder Of Leonardo Vetra

    Vetra was a top physicist in CERN and made many discoveries but, he was also a Catholic priest. “There was one recurring thing, it was that science and religion have been oil and water since day one… Archenemies… unmixable.” This quote was said by Robert Langdon after seeing Vetra’s scientific lab which had religious items all around it. Vetra was a very uncommon scientist because of his love of religion as well and had helped prove that many things were, in fact, god creation. This was what…

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  • Why Maths Should Not Be Taught In Schools

    mathematics classes where united, the short introductions, along with the focus on the pro-cess of learning instead of the grades, and also the variation would improve many students’ re-lationships with math. In conclusion, the math classes in the American high school should be united into one fundamental class, it would not only improve students understanding of basic math, but also help them understand the more narrow fields of math later in life, along with decreasing the percentage of…

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  • Golden Land Berhad Case Study

    supply chain and interest, and in addition a fringe of small scale upstream makers. The threat from substitutes and bargaining power of consumers, combined with heavy investment costs mentioned early, have made exiting the industry troublesome and expensive. (c) An assessment on the management of the company. Beh Sui Loon joined the Board of Golden Land Berhad on 11 May 2009. He serves Golden Land Berhad as the Independent Non-Executive Chairman of the Board, Audit Committee and Nomination…

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