Higgs Boon Essay By Nicola Racape

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Higgs Boson essay
Written by Nicola Racape

In this essay, I will briefly talk about Peter Higgs and of the significance of his discovery of the God particle. I will also mention how Large Hadron collider functions and the link to our universe to this discovery. I will write about how society will benefit from these discoveries and if it really is worth investing in these operations or should the money be spent elsewhere.
Peter Higgs named his discovery the god particle, the key reason was for the particle name was due to the fact that it was more catchy compare to ‘Higgs particle’. Higgs wanted his discovery to be recognized by the general public, as he put so much effort to discovering it. Peter Higgs: “the publisher wouldn’t let
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Higgs struggled to prove his theories as the Higgs boson particle is extremely unstable so it would constantly collapse into smaller particles almost as soon as it was created. So, the scientist faced an extra problem due to the fact not only that they had to create the particle but detect it directly before it collapsed. Mr. Higgs came up with a proposal to infer the presence from the smaller particles (by construction a giant particle accelerator located on the Swiss-French border CERN laboratory, known as the Large Hadron Collider.) Peter Higgs most significant discovery in his career was the Higgs boson or so-called God particle, it provided mass to the most basic building blocks of matter. Peters standard model theory combines all the fundamental forces and particles of the universe would have fallen. Higgs predicted the existence of the particle while working at Edinburgh University in 1964. But until its momentous discovery at the LHC near Geneva in 2012, it had proved impossible to track down. Peter Higgs: "It seemed to me that this was an important result which I had got, but of course it wasn't clear at the time how it would be applied in particle physics, and those of us who did the work in 64 were looking in the …show more content…
The God particle discovery has advanced mankind's understanding of the Universe and how it works at a fundamental level. The God particle was an enormous accomplishment humankind but is unlikely to have immediate affect for society. Physicists have to learn more about Higgs boson and its properties, it is unwise to say in what areas it could prompt the next big breakthrough but there is potential we just have to be

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