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  • Horse Gambling Research Paper

    Just like what happened with New Jersey’s casinos, gambling on the lottery is no longer stigmatized because state governments have linked lotteries with various worthy causes, particularly education. Unfortunately, voters in several states have been misled about how the actual proceeds of the lottery…

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  • Why Bitcoin Is So Popular

    Bitcoin improves its presence within the world of online casino play Bitcoin is currently sweeping the globe from both an investment and gambling standpoint. What the cyptocurrency is working to do is change the way that people use money while online, as it represents the leading solely digital payment method in the world. However, while people are clambering to get their hands on bitcoin, matters have hardly been smooth sailing for the cyptocurrency, as many have questioned whether or not…

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  • Amersterdams Casino Essay

    Amsterdams Casino goes prize giveaway crazy this March! These days it seems that online casino play carries unnecessarily serious overtones, but by the looks of things Amsterdams Casino wants to change that. Bringing old school generosity back to the fore, when it comes to friendliness this online casino may very well stand in a class unto itself. Consistently going all out when it comes to promotions, Amersterdams Casino has now unveiled its very own take on March Madness, and it is all set to…

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  • Bonus Star Informative Speech

    Bonus Star Odds are if you’re online casino slots player you are probably tired of all the gimmicks. You are suffering from fatigue from all these played out themes of pirates, beaches, candy, and all other related nonsense. Maybe you are someone who wants to try something different, possibly throwing it back to the classic days of yesteryear. You probably want to be able to play a game that doesn 't rely on fluff to impress you, a game that simply does what you want it to. Well, there is one…

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  • Personal Narrative-The Real Chumash Casino

    going on. As I get closer and close to the main entrance of Chumash Casino, I look at the rose gold pink marble walls that gave the casino a royal look.. I looked at the two security guards that were waiting at the front door, both looking at me with the look of “So you thought you can get through with this?” I decided to stop by the coffee shop to get a coffee; my head was killing me. All that smoke and sound inside the casino really…

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  • Absolute Poker Case Study

    Although, Mezrich accurately noted how Absolute Poker’s clients could focus their blame on the U.S. government’s prohibition policy. The restrictive laws cut the offshore gambling industry off from any kind of legitimate banking options. The most popular and reputable e-commerce companies for the gambling industry, such as Neteller, were shut down by the U.S. government. Also, their American clientele knew that these companies were forced to do business with several shady non-sanctioned…

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  • Casino Urbanism Summary

    Another reading relatable to Jackson’s pieces was this small reading titled as Casino Urbanism. It was basically from Stefan Al’s famous book “The Strip: Las Vegas and the Architecture of the American Dream”. It is a fascinating examination of the social, cultural, political, and ethical currents shaping the evolution of Las Vegas, from its origins as a lonesome desert railroad outpost into the gambling and entertainment mecca that it is today. Al presents the city in all its complexity—brimming…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Legalization Of Sports Gambling

    slots. Naturally, casinos strongly lobbied to legalize the more profitable form of gambling and the public relations battle has already been won. Case in point, there are nearly 850,000 slot machines in America, nearly twice the number of ATMs. Slot machines require employing very few people in comparison to operating a sportsbook. Therefore, slots, as opposed to sports gambling, offer less overall positive economic impact. But then again, that is not the goal of the casino lobby. They’re…

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  • Progressive Jackpots Essay

    Article 27 – Should you use your casino bonus on progressive slots? When it comes to slots, the fun of the games on show simply can’t be denied. They provide some of the most exhilarating gambling experiences in the world and have an audience of millions. The biggest plus point of the field in 2015 is undoubtedly the improvements within the fields of progressive jackpots. As the prizes have got bigger so has the number of people claiming casino bonus offers in attempt to win them. If you have…

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  • Washingtonpost. Com: Website Analysis

    The presentation and credibility of an online website goes a long way on showing whether or not it is reliable for information. There are many different criteria to look for in a reliable website including appearance, organization, and credibility. The website I evaluated for my topic of choice was The website provides instant news and information of various topics from all over the world in an organized, user-friendly fashion. After browsing the website, I was able to…

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